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Explorers: Entering Kindergarten & Grade 1

6 year old boy, looking under a footbridge, above a brookl

Welcome, Explorers!

Our Explorers program ignites young campers’ curiosity and imagination as they head for the outdoors and into the studios for adventure, creative play, inspirational art, and games. Weekly themes are woven through activities and projects throughout the week, giving a unique twist to each session. Counselor-led explorations build joyful confidence, self-esteem and a connection to the natural world.

Explorers may choose between a half-day and full-day camp experience.

Daily Schedule 

8:00–8:30     Morning drop off  
8:30–9:00     Meet and Greet
9:00–9:15     Meeting Circle
9:15–12:15   Theme-based activities, snack, outdoor games, swim lessons
12:15–1:00   Lunch
1:00               Afternoon pick up for half-day campers
1:00–2:45     Theme-based activities
2:45–4:00     Outdoor games, snack, swimming
4:00               Afternoon pick up for full-day campers
4:00–5:00     Afternoon Antics (additional fee required)

Explorers’ Themes of the Week!

Week 1. Kitchen Chemistry
June 26–30

Learning happens everywhere!  Everything you will need to do these zany experiments can be found in the kitchen cupboard. Cooking is science as well! Get ready to explore with some kitchen chemistry.

Tuition: $510.
Half Day Tuition: $385.

Week 2. Shipwrecked
July 5–7

Oh no! We’ve been shipwrecked! What will it take to survive as castaways (in Tower’s backyard)? Find out as we build our own boats, sing songs, decode a pirate’s map, search for buried treasure, and more!

Tuition: $300.
Half Day Tuition: $225

Week 3.  Enchanted Forest
July 10–14

Spend a tree-mendous time exploring the wee folk of the forest. Gather bark, twigs, clay, and other elements of nature to design a one-of-a-kind fairy garden, hobbit habitat or gnome home. 

Tuition: $510.
Half Day Tuition: $385.

Week 4. Art Masters 
July 17–21

Discover the style and techniques of some of history’s greatest masters—Cezanne, Picasso, and Calder. Create your own art in their style, with paints, paper, and more. Artists at all experience levels will expand their skills and appreciation for art in the process.

Tuition: $510.
Half Day Tuition: $385.

Week 5. Monster Mash
July 24–28

Are you ready for a monstrously good time? Explore your scary side as we create friendly Wild Things sculptures, make puppets, and have a wild rumpus with monster projects and games.

Tuition: $510.
Half Day Tuition: $385.

Week 6. Wonders of Engineering
July 31–Aug 4

Join us for fun, imagination, and fascination as we explore, and test engineering feats through children’s storybooks. 

Tuition: $510.
Half Day Tuition: $385.

Children playing in activity center