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Adventurers: Entering Grades 2–4

Summer at Tower portraiture class, 3 campers sketching at easles

Let’s Go, Adventurers!

Being an Adventurer provides an array of opportunities for campers to participate in games and learn new skills while becoming self-directed and cooperative members of a group. Theme-based activities and adventures will fuel your curiosity each day.

Daily Schedule 

8:00–8:30     Morning Drop Off
8:30–9:00     Meet and Greet
9:00–9:15     Morning Huddle
9:15–1:00     Theme-based activities, snack, outdoor games, swim lessons
1:00–1:45     Lunch  
1:45–4:00     Theme-based activities, snacks, outdoor games, swim
4:00               Afternoon pick up
4:00–5:00     Afternoon Antics (additional fee required)

Adventurers’ Themes of the Week!

Week 1. Summer Scientists
June 26–30

Put your curiosity to work busting myths and testing theories. Accompany our counselors to the wetlands, woods, and gardens this week, to discover some of summer’s beautiful mysteries. Develop hypotheses, conduct experiments, and challenge misconceptions.

Tuition: $510.

Week 2. The Great Escape
July 5–7

If you love taking ideas from puzzles, games, and movies and using them to create clues to stump your friends then this week is for you! Let’s think outside the box as we create unique ways to think and problem-solve in teams and have fun solving mysteries.

Tuition: $300.

Week 3.  Thingamajig Invention Convention
July 10–14

Work on creating inventions throughout the week. We will explore the fields of science, engineering, and design to help us with our creations. Each team will present their invention to the group at our Thingamajig Invention Convention.

Tuition: $510.

Week 4. Hello Mona Lisa 
July 17–21

Say hello to portraiture. In this exploration of the world’s most famous smile, students will create their own Davinci masterpiece using paints, photos, collages and maybe even a cell phone to create stylized portraits.

Tuition: $510.

Week 5. Mask Making
July 24–28

In many cultures, mask making is an important art form. We’ll learn to understand and appreciate the use of masks and create new ones that reflect our own culture or maybe even create one that we imagine.

Tuition: $510.

Week 6. Cartooning Club
July 31–Aug 4

The ultimate destination for all your drawing ideas! Create your own characters and fill their world with vivid scenery, exciting activities, and a wacky supporting cast. Anyone with a pencil, paper, and imagination can be a cartoonist.

Tuition: $510.