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Cultural Enrichment

Tower provides an extensive curricular and cultural enrichment program throughout the school year. Guest speakers, educators and performers offer students a glimpse of cultures from across the world, and introduce them to fascinating professions, and unique forms of artistic expression.

Past Cultural Enrichment Programs have included the following organizations or individuals:

Guest Speakers

Edgar Krasa, Holocaust Survivor
Travis Roy, Motivational Speaker
Shaw Pong Liv, Exploring China through Music & Story

Health and Wellness

Food Play, Nutrition & Active Lifestyle Theater
Marvelous Marvin's Human Body
Zumba for Kids

Performing Arts

Afro-Brazilian Ensemble
Middlebury College's Stuck in the Middle, a cappella
Urbanity Dance, Contemporary Dance Company
Tanglewood Marionettes, Perseus and Medusa
Sandeep Das, Indian Tabla Player
David Coffin, Life at Sea: A Voyage in Song
Eve Costarelli, Flamenco Dancer
Mallory Bagwell, Geodome presentations
Gerry Mordis, Violinist
Mamadou, African Band
IllStyle & Peace



Meteorologist Massachusetts State Crime Lab, Forensic Scientists
David Epstein, Meteorologist
Eyes On Owls, Birds of Prey
Amazon Rainforest Program
Babak Tafreshi, Night Sky Photographer

Geography and World Travel

Denis Belliveau, Journey of Marco Polo
Geography Game Show
The Sky Connection, EduTarium

Artists & Authors

Giles LaRoche, Bas-Relief Collage Artist and Storyteller
Marty Kelley, Writing Workshop
Mother Goose, Interactive Program