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Curriculum Overview: Pre-K–4

As our mission states,

“we teach our students to think critically and creatively, to develop joyful curiosity…”

Throughout the Lower School experience, our program is designed to inspire children’s natural excitement for learning. As students secure foundational skills and advance through the grades, the curriculum challenges them with an increased emphasis on problem solving and higher-level critical thinking skills.

“ embrace challenge and apply that knowledge with confidence…”

We are ambitious for students. Tower teachers know curriculum, best practice, and children. Whether it’s mastering geography skills, participating in a collaborative science experiment, completing an independent reading project, or demonstrating solid procedural knowledge in a challenging multi-step math problem, students embrace the challenge that teachers provide. Confident in their learning, our students are prepared to advocate for themselves and reach beyond their comfort zones.

“...and to thrive within a community rich with diverse perspectives and talents.”

Social learning is an important aspect of the Lower School experience. Tower teachers understand and guide children’s broadening perception of the world. Understanding and working with difference is a crucial academic skill and builds sophistication. Human interactions over real behaviors lead to deeper learning. Through age-appropriate processing of social issues and a strong home/school connection, Lower School students contribute meaningfully to their communities and the world.

Visit Tower and you will see students working with determination and joy. Our teachers set high expectations and help students to attain their own personal levels of excellence. By the end of the fifth grade, Tower students are confident in their academic and social skills, understand themselves as learners, and are connected to the Tower community and beyond.


Third Grade National Parks Project Presentation

Our Students

Tower students are articulate, confident, self-motivated learners who engage in their academic success, develop strong leadership skills, and create opportunities to contribute meaningfully in their communities and the world.

Tower played a significant role in my early education. My teachers were extremely dedicated to the pursuit of learning, and instilled in me an insatiable appetite for knowledge, the ability to reason, and the responsibility to apply my education to good citizenship. The friendships I formed with classmates are among my closest friendships today. Tower fosters individual growth, by encouraging each student to share and celebrate their strengths, and to learn from others on how to improve on certain weaknesses. I wanted my daughter to receive the same foundation for her education, in Tower's warm, supportive community that will instill in her a lifelong love for learning.  

Daphne Ramos, ‘88; parent, ‘24, Trustee 

Kindergarten Quiet Reading Time

Kindergarten Quiet Reading Time

4th grade art

4th grade Giacometti-inspired sculptures

4th grade woodworking and design


4th grade woodworking and design