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TSPA (Tower School Parents Association)

TSPA Mission

The objective of the Tower School Parents Association (TSPA) is to facilitate communication among faculty, parents, and trustees, and to promote a greater sense of community and school spirit through activities and events.

In addition, the TSPA organizes a number of fundraising events, the proceeds from which are used to enhance the overall educational experience for Tower students.

The TSPA is open to the entire parent body, and every parent is encouraged to be an active member

TSPA Volunteer Opportunities

The TSPA is looking for volunteers for the 2024-2025 school year. Please fill out this form to express interest. 

Room Parent and Committee Chair Documents

To access information specific to room parents and committee chairs, please click here.

TSPA Leadership 2023–2024


President: Lindsey Gordon
Vice President: Cheryl Barker

Committee Chairs 

Book Fair: Whitney Wilkinson and Celia Dressel

Community Events: Sarah Demakes

Cultural Enrichment: Katie Fleuriel and Shadi Hamedi

My Brother's Table: Tess Bauta ’90 and Andrea Morse

PIN Liaison: Emily Gray

Pizza Days: Julie Kelly 

School Store: Tess Bauta ’90 and Celia Dressel 

Room Parents

Pre Kindergarten: Deanna Cozzo and Meaghan Amato

Kindergarten: Alex Boroda and Emily Gray

1st Grade: Kati Ferrante and Kristin Angell

2nd Grade: Meredith Wishart and Lynn Shoreman

3rd Grade: Olga Kudzelko and Nicole Connolly

4th Grade: Sam Nelson and Bethann Service

5th Grade: Sarah Demakes and Kelly Pisa

6th Grade: Sacha O'Flynn and Angela Bassiri

7th Grade: Jenn Vetter and Beth Peabody

8th Grade: Ayala Pignato and Diane Shoer


Just a few things that the TSPA provides!

Spirit Day smiles

Tower gear

Support for Tower programs through the auction