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Tower Oaks

Students planting oak trees, oak trees growing in the greenhouse

A Gift for Students

Each Tower student makes an enduring impact on our school and our community. We express our appreciation for each eighth grader with a gift of a red oak tree, a species native to Massachusetts.

These trees were grown in our greenhouse.

Why an Oak Tree?

The oak tree is known as a keystone species—one that supports an entire ecosystem—providing food, protection and homes to a diverse range of wildlife; protecting groundwater; stabilizing soil; and sequestering large quantities of carbon from the air. Oak trees are tremendous contributors to environmental well-being and represent a fitting tribute to our students’ contributions to our school, and their ability to contribute meaningfully in their communities and the world. 

Where Can My Tower Oak Be Planted?

Students may take their tree home and plant it, or request that it be planted on their behalf.

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Please note your tree's location, here.

Tower Oaks Locations

Many eighth-grade students requested that their trees be planted on Tower's campus. The trees will be planted in November by middle school students. Once planted, the map will be updated with the coordinates of each tree. Until then, they will continue to grow in the greenhouse.

Several students chose to plant their Tower Oak at home. The map below indicates the approximate locations of those trees. If you select a different site for your tree, please let us know via the form below; we'll move the pin on the map to match your tree's actual location.