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Welcome to Tiger Live, initially created as a distance learning platform for the Spring 2020 trimester. TigerLive has grown to be a year-round resource for projects, book recommendations, STEM challenges, interesting YouTube videos and more.
Please join us in enjoying these resources at any time. 

Welcome to Tiger Live, Our Distance Learning Hub

Tiger Live is our home away from West Shore Drive—connecting students, teachers, families and administrators in an exciting and challenging academic experience while maintaining our important school community. Through Tiger Live, we prioritize high quality, meaningful learning experiences for students through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning. This combination includes time for teachers and students to meet virtually, in real-time in order to continue the group learning experience; plus valuable time for students to learn on their own time using a variety of resources.

We invite students and families to visit Tiger Live often to discover STEM challenges, virtual field trips, nature scavenger hunts, books, videos, health and wellness information and more; all available at any hour. You'll find these in the On-Demand Learning section. 

collections from a nature walk in the woods
collections from a nature walk in the woods
Rainy Day Nature Walk

Our Mission Directs the Tiger Live Virtual Classroom Curriculum

Our Mission: We teach our students to think critically and creatively, to develop joyful curiosity, to embrace challenge and apply their knowledge with confidence, and to thrive within a community rich with diverse perspectives and talents.

The expanding folders below include a few curriculum examples from Tiger Live, our distance learning platform.

Our Mission Inspires the Tiger Live On-Demand Learning Opportunities.










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Parent-To-Parent: Tower Parents' Words of Wisdom for Distance Learning

“We have three kids attending school on Zoom, it's challenging to create separate space for everyone. Headphones are helpful for our older kids.”

“Use the To Do tab in Google Classroom to see what is due, in chronological order.”

“For parents who have morning conference calls during breaks, don't argue about how they should use their break productively. Set a timer for when it's time to get back to class, and let them watch the TV.”

“Every day is a fresh start.”

“Take a breath, don't worry about “falling behind” and focus on your children's wellness.”

“We assigned daily homework: each child should check in with a friend about how they are doing. It's helping them stay connected and build empathy.”

“Attend the health and wellness meetings for parents.”

“Stick to a schedule.”


“Be kind to yourself if teaching is not an area of expertise for you.”

“It's challenging in a household with two, full-time working parents, but we find that things are a bit easier when we all get outside and move throughout the day.”

“Framing [social distancing] as a way we protect people who are vulnerable. Our kiddo doesn't dwell on disappointments and feels proud to be a hero in this small but important way.”


Student with Hearts Illustration Assignment
I have been so impressed with all of the teachers and how they have adjusted to this new way of teaching. Our kids are definitely learning and are engaged.  It has been great to get a glimpse into their school day and I cannot tell you how many times I have been brought to tears listening to the teachers and kids interact. 

Amanda Velluto, Tower parent

From the Blog: A Reflection on Distance Learning

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Many of these resources are available any time of year. You'll find recommended books for children and teens—curated by our librarian; several virtual camp options; summer reading ideas for adults; the summer library newsletter; and more.