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Dress Guidelines

Students are expected to be neat, clean, and dressed practically for an active learning environment. We respect that expectations for appropriate dress can be unique to each family. It is the responsibility of parents, guardians, and students to develop a style of dress acceptable under the Guidelines.


  • Shirts must cover the torso
  • School-appropriate graphics are permitted
  • Shoulders must be adequately covered with fabric

Pants, Shorts, Skirts and Dresses

  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses will be at least fingertip length, measured from a standing position
  • Leggings, joggers, and yoga pants may be worn
  • Athletic shorts and sweatpants are not permitted in Grades 5 and up

Shoes and Hats

  • Footwear must have an outdoor sole
  • Slippers are not permitted
  • Hats may not be worn inside the school building

Dress Guidelines Questions from Families

1. Are jeans ok? Yes.

2. Are ripped or “shredded” jeans ok? No.

3. Are cargo shorts or pants ok? Yes.

4. What are joggers?? They’re a performance fabric, neat, fitted athletic pant—comparable to a lightweight, sleek yoga pant. 

Classic cotton sweatpants are not joggers.

Dress Guidelines for Special Events

Winter Concert, Arts Festival, May Day Concert

Parents often ask, "What do students wear?" We suggest clothing that is a bit dressier than their everyday school attire. Frequently-chosen clothing includes: dress pants, dressy shorts, khakis, blouses, sweaters, dresses, skirts, polo shirts, button-down shirts, jacket and tie. Please remember that clothing must be within dress guidelines. 

We ask that students choose shoes that allow them to participate fully in any dance, instrumental or choral activities planned. Third graders, in particular, should select shoes that fit securely to their feet for the traditional May pole dance.

Semi-Formal, Middle School 

Dress guidelines for the evening area as follows: Jackets and ties, dresses, skirts or dressy pants. Students may also choose to dress up appropriately and according to the theme of the night. Please be mindful that this is a school event; student clothing must be within dress guidelines.

Awards Night, Grades 7 & 8  

Dress code includes, shirt, tie and dress pants, a dress, skirt or pants.

Closing Exercises, Grade 8  

Blue blazer, white dress shirt, tie, dress pants and dress shoes (no sneakers) white dress or dressy white pants and shoes. Keep in mind that students will be walking up and down stairs and risers and should choose footwear that will allow them to do so safely.

Closing Exercises, Grades 6 & 7 

Jacket, dress shirt (not white), tie, trousers and dress shoes (no sneakers), dress (not white) or dressy pants (not white) and shoes.