Dress Code

The dress code supports the importance of dressing for the occasion, which, in this case, is the pursuit of learning. Tower's dress code provides flexibility for individual expression.


School-appropriate graphics are permitted.
Clothing may be solid or patterned, without type.
Shirts must cover the midriff.
Logos are permitted, but may not exceed 3” in diameter.
Shoulders must be covered with a minimum of 3” of fabric.
Examples of permitted necklines are: collar, crew, Henley, and moderate scoop.

Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Dresses and Tunics

Shorts, skirts, dresses, and tunics will be at least fingertip length measured from a standing position.
Leggings or yoga pants may be worn if paired with shorts, skirts, dresses or tunics that meet the fingertip standard.
Athletic shorts and sweatpants are not permitted.
Blue jeans may not be worn. Denim pants, skirts, shorts of other colors are permitted.

Shoes, Sneakers and Sandals

Slippers and high heels are not permitted.
Footwear must have an outdoor sole and be in good repair.
Shearling style and fashion boots are permitted.
Winter boots are limited to outdoor use.

Additional Guidelines

Hats and hoods may only be worn outdoors.
Coats and jackets, with the exception of fleece, may not be worn as sweaters.
Torn, ripped, oversized, camouflage and military clothing are not permitted.
Special functions may require more formal wear. Parents will be notified when this is required.
During the third trimester of eighth grade, students may wear sweatshirts, fleece, and shirts from their intended secondary schools.
Tower sweatshirts, fleece, and shirts are always permitted.

Dress Code Expectations

The dress code is enforced by all faculty. We expect students and families to support the dress code and to direct questions to teachers or advisors. As needed, we may include other articles of clothing in the dress code should we feel that they are unsafe or inconsistent with the spirit of the Tower School Dress Code.

Dress Code Infractions

We encourage students who have questions about the appropriateness of their attire to check with homeroom teachers and/or advisors before wearing the clothing in question to school. Allowances will be made for oversights at the beginning of the school year. Violations of the Dress Code will be handled by homeroom teachers (LS) or Advisors (US) unless a pattern emerges, in which case, parents will be notified. Appropriate consequences will be determined based on the type and frequency of infractions.

Wear This, Not That

This logo size meets the dress code.This logo exceeds the 3" maximum size.

Leggings and yoga pants may be worn, when paired with a skirt or top of at least fingertip length.Leggings and yoga pants may not be worn unless paired with a skirt or top of at least fingertip length.

These boots are designed for indoor and outdoor use.These boots are designed for outdoor use.

These shoes have an outdoor sole that offers stability during classwork and recess.These shoes do not offer stability during classwork and recess.