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Club T.E.D. Mornings

7 lower school students stop their soccer game for a group photo

Club T.E.D. Mornings

Monday–Friday, 7:00–7:40am

Club T.E.D. Mornings is a great program for families whose schedules benefit from an earlier start to the day. It's an ideal time to connect with friends, settle in, and kick off the morning in fun, active ways before easing into the school day. The following options are available for students in Pre-K–grade 5.

Club T.E.D. Mornings:  Inspiration Station

Students participate in quiet activities such as board games, cards, simple art activities, homework, reading and conversation..

Tuition: $35 per weekday per trimester.

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Club T.E.D. Mornings:
Early Adventures

Students begin each day with activities such as pick-up basketball, indoor playground games or simply cheering others on.

Tuition: $35 per weekday per trimester.

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Club T.E.D. Mornings: Morning Math Club

Tuesday, Trimester 3
Through playful, diverse activities, students are encouraged to learn in different ways to build confidence and support a strong math foundation. 

Morning Math Club is offered for the following grades per trimester:

Trimester 3: Grades 5–8

Tuition: $85 per trimester.

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Learn about Each of Club T.E.D’s Programs.