Carpool Guidelines

We ask that all parents and caregivers familiarize themselves with our carpool guidelines and demonstrate courtesy and good sense. We aim to get you moving on your way as quickly as possible but, of course, our priority is the safety of our community.


Cell phones or other electronic devices for voice or text communication may not be used at any time during carpool.

The Moving Carpool Lane

If you wish to get out of the car and walk your children in to school, please do not park within the moving carpool lane and get out of the car. Drivers who pull up behind your empty car have to go around it, encroaching on the space available for oncoming cars. Instead, please park along the side streets or well beyond the carpool lane.

If you enjoy waiting outside to greet your children after school and socialize with other families, we ask that when returning to your car, you do not step between the moving cars of the carpool lane and then into the busy road. Please wait until the carpool lane disperses before crossing Cornell Road, or cross at a safe distance behind the carpool lane.


Please respect our neighbors’ personal property, the needs of others to make their way along Cornell Road, and the safety needs of children walking to Tower and Bell Schools. Do not double-park, make U-turns, pull up onto the sidewalk, park across from the carpool lane, or use our neighbors’ driveways to turn around.


Tower students should sit on the passenger side of the car so that they can safely and quickly enter and exit the passenger side of the car. Pets and children not getting out at Tower should sit on the driver’s side of the car.

Care for the Environment

If you arrive early for afternoon carpool, and will be waiting for more than five minutes, we ask that you turn your engines off. You'll be in compliance with our state's anti-idling law, and you'll be keeping the air we breathe, clean.

In general, we ask everyone who participates in drop-off or pick-up to make a conscientious effort to remember that these guidelines make for a safer community, and an expedited carpool experience for everyone.

Thank you.

Student Video of Carpool

A group of safety-minded students volunteered to help make our carpool experience at Circle safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Their time-lapse video demonstrates a positive carpool experience, as well as what happens when guidelines get overlooked.

Please enjoy, and remember to be aware of traffic, be mindful of our neighbors, and to set your devices aside.

Thank you.