Carpool Guidelines at West Shore Drive and Cornell Road

The following guidelines emphasize the safe and efficient use of the Circular Driveway at West Shore Drive and the Cornell Loop off of Cornell Road.

  • Family name placards will be provided to each family. The placards should be secured to your vehicles’ passenger side sun visor with bands or clips.
  • The entrance to the Cornell Loop is adjacent to the intersection of Cornell Road and Dartmouth Street.
  • The Circular Driveway and the Cornell Loop use a counter-clockwise traffic flow at pick-up and drop-off times.
  • School Staff will provide directions along the Circular Driveway and Cornell Loop.
  • We ask drivers not to pull out of the single file line without direction from school staff.


Important Safety Precautions

Be Aware. Set Phones Aside During Carpool

Cell phones or other electronic devices for voice or text communication may not be used at any time during carpool.

Tower Students Exit the Vehicle via the Passenger Side

Tower students should sit on the passenger side of the car so that they can safely and quickly enter and exit the passenger side of the car. Pets and children not getting out at Tower should sit on the driver’s side of the car.

Turn Your Engines Off In the Carpool Line

If you arrive early for afternoon carpool and will be waiting for more than five minutes, we ask that you turn your engines off. You'll be in compliance with our state's anti-idling law, and you'll be keeping the air we breathe clean.

Please Drive Safely and Respectfully

Please respect our neighbors’ personal property and the safety needs of children walking to Tower and Bell Schools. Please do not make U-turns or use our neighbors’ driveways to turn around.

Good to Know

Entrance Hours

The Cornell Loop entrance is open from 7:50-8:00 am and 3:00-3:15 pm. To enter the building at times other than these, please come to our main entrance on West Shore Drive.

Upper School Sports and Drama Dismissal

Pick-ups after Upper School sports and drama happen at Circle at 4:30 pm.


Students riding bikes to school should access the school building via the Circle or the Marblehead Rail Trail and secure their bikes at the bike racks next to the trail.

Parking along West Shore Drive and Other Neighboring Streets

The increased capacity at the Cornell Loop creates a safer and more expedient experience for our students and everyone in our neighborhood. Therefore, we ask families to avoid parking on West Shore Drive, Cornell Road or other neighboring streets whenever possible.


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