We Are Tower

Discover Tower's Community of Learners

Hear from Timmy, a First Grader at Tower.

This first-grader discusses student life at Tower, including what he looks forward to each day; shares his experience with challenging school work; and announces his plans for the future.

Something that is really hard is math—but I really like math. It's my favorite thing to do in school.


Hear fromt Maty, a Seventh-Grade Student.

This seventh-grader shares her experience joining Tower in middle school, opens up about courage and shares what she's looking forward to next at school. 

Recitation Day will take a lot of courage because we will be speaking in front of the whole school which will be a little nerve racking, but I'm very excited.


This is Parker, a Kindergarten Student at Tower.

This Kindergarten student shares how important her relationships with teachers and classmates are; provides a book recommendation; and reveals her aspirations for her future.

When I grow up I want to be a teacher and the President.


Meet Anthony, an Eighth-Grade Tower Student.

This eighth-grader describes himself as ambitious; he makes the most of the opportunities that Tower affords him to excel as a leader, to pursue his passion—and to use those to forge a path to his career.

My favorite after-school activity at Tower was playing soccer. I loved this because I felt like a leader and I helped people when they needed it.


Hear from Lucy, a sixth-grade student at Tower.

Lucy shares why science is her favorite subject and offers timeless advice to students embarking on something challenging. She also speaks about one of her favorite extracurricular clubs, Glee Club.

When you're learning something new, that's hard, [ ] if you have the right mindset, then you can say, ‘It'll be good—and if it's not good, it's ok. You can do it again and make it better.’

Lucy, speaking about embracing challenge