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This I Believe

"This I Believe," is Tower's capstone project for all 8th grade students, through which they combine reflection, academic skills, personal voice and public speaking skills to share the core values that guide their daily lives. Students write and refine their essay, then practice aloud before sharing with fellow middle school students at assembly.

I Believe that If You Have Tenacity, You Can Accomplish Anything in Life.

I Believe that Following Your Passion in Life Leads to Happiness and Success.

I Believe that You Don’t Lose When You Fall Down, But You’ve Gotta Always Get Up and Finish the Job.

I Believe it Is Important to Persevere in Order to Achieve Your Goals.

I Believe that You Always Learn Something New with Every Challenge.

I Believe that When I Face Difficulties, Something Better Will Come Out of It.

I Believe in Embracing Your Fears and not Letting Them Hold You Back.

I Believe We Should Give Up on Being “Perfect.” Just Be Yourself.

I Believe Determination Matters More than All.

I Believe in Spending as Much Time with Family as Possible.

I Believe if You Put in the Work, You Can Overcome Anything.

I Believe in Setting Our Goals High, No Matter What.

I Believe that Failure Can Be a Good Thing.

I Believe Science Will Find a Way.

I Believe that Loss Is a Way of Growing.

I Believe in Focusing on the Present.

I Believe in the Power of Determination.

I Believe in the Impact of Small Gestures of Kindness.

I Believe Multi-Player Games Create Opportunities to Connect and Work with Others.