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The Importance of Arts in Education


Arts Education is recognized as important to the intellectual and social growth of our students, and therefore constitutes a vital component of the curriculum at Tower School.

Art Reinforces the Whole Curriculum
The study of music and visual arts incorporates and reinforces all subjects in the curriculum. Math, reading, foreign language, science, physical education, social studies and geography are reinforced in the arts, for example, through the mathematical structure of musical form and progression, the reading of folk tales in English and other languages, the creative writing for verse, the movement and dexterity required for dance, the stroke of the paint brush or sketching pencil, and the art of staff notation for composition.

The Study of Art Develops Self-Discipline and Self-Confidence
To study an instrument, art form, or voice, requires great self-discipline to succeed and requires a practice regimen, study of the masters, a time obligation, and physical and mental commitments. Like athletics, music and art offer opportunities in several different arenas to have successful learning and performance experiences. There are valuable lessons to be learned in the studies of stage presence, public speaking and vocal projection.

Art Provides Opportunities for Life-long Learning and Satisfaction
As a performer, one can derive pleasure and satisfaction from casual sing-a-longs, holiday celebrations, ceremonies and rituals. As an educated listener or art enthusiast, actively listening to and studying classical performances, folk renditions, gallery showings, and jazz interpretations can be most exhilarating. As both a performer and enthusiast, one contributes positively in the civilized society.

Art Creates Cooperative Group Dynamics
Participating in a group choir, musical, play, band or orchestra offers a unique opportunity to be part of cooperative unit where each member contributes in a significant way. This presents opportunities for positive and creative social interaction. By offering such a chance to succeed, music can build group dynamics through which camaraderie strengthens friendships.

Art is a Profound Symbol System Worth Preserving
Music is a rich and complicated language honed to perfection through thousands of years of practice and performance in every culture. It behooves us to pass down this art - and the appreciation of it to subsequent generations. It is valuable that we preserve the rich history and traditions of our culture and those of others with these prevalent and powerful art forms.