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Science class in the on-campus wetlands

Tower students know the importance of caring for the environment. As a school, we model thoughtful decision-making about use (and re-use) of resources, and create a learning atmosphere that encourages student participation in and leadership of sustainability efforts. Together, we're helping our community gain skills we need to create a sustainable, environmentally-healthy future.

Carbon Offseting through a Costa Rican Rainforest

Reforest the Tropics


The Hintlian family generously donated 15 hectares of newly-planted Costa Rican rainforest to Tower through the organization, Reforest The Tropics. The forest is planted on the site of a former sugar cane field and is now home to native hardwoods and various shade-tolerant species.

When this carbon-capturing forest matures, it will offset 100% of Tower School’s carbon production.

We're grateful for this unique and forward-thinking gift to Tower.

Tower's Turf Athletic Field is Made of Fully Recyclable and Compostable Materials.

drone camera view of Tower's backyard

Our fully-recyclable turf is supported by granules of sustainably farmed southern pine trees. The pine fill, when ready for replacement, will be composted. The field underlay is made of 100% recyclable materials.

Tower's Rooftop Solar Array

Tower's Rooftop Solar Array


Our solar panels, installed in 2012, were a then-forward-thinking and generous gift from a Tower family.

Students learn about clean energy sources such as wind and solar power in science class. They have access to Tower's solar panel data feed and can monitor the impact of variables such as daylight hours and weather on energy production.

Demonstrating the active use of renewable energy in schools sets a wonderful example for the community as well as for students.

- Susan Livingston, former trustee and parent of an alumna

Tower students assist Marblehead Conservancy in Invasive Plant Species Removal.

Tower's sixth grade students assist volunteer environmentalists at Marblehead Conservancy to transform the local environmental landscape by learning to identify and remove invasive species, and plant native trees along the rail trail. 


Air Quality Is a Priority on our Campus.

We're in compliance with the state's anti-idling laws. Parents are asked to turn their engines off when waiting to pick up their children each afternoon.


Tower's Campus is Organically Maintained.

Tower's grass fields, teaching gardens, fruit orchard and green spaces are organically maintained.


Student-Faculty Environmental Committee Successes


Small Changes Proposed, Big Impact Realized.

Our Student-Faculty Environmental Committee identifies opportunities for our community to use fewer resources and reduce the amount of waste we generate.


We installed a filtered water bottle refill station and experienced a dramatic reduction of recyclable plastic bottle use.

Students promote paper recycling through awareness campaigns and well-placed recycling stations.

Students and teachers compost fruit peels, apple cores, vegetables and more from morning snack and lunch, creating nutrient-dense soil for our gardens.

We use paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Certification confirms that the trees were sourced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Our school events often include refreshments. At the suggestion of students, we've switched from plastic to paper plates, and replaced single-use water bottles with refillable glasses, mugs and cups.

In our faculty room, we've replaced single-use coffee pods with freshly brewed coffee.

As updates are made to our campus, we're making choices that conserve heat, electricity and raw materials.

Students have increased our awareness of ways to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Students encourage the whole community to ride their bikes to school or share a car ride.


student environmentalists