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Social-Emotional Development

We know that students thrive socially and academically when opportunities for meaningful connection are readily available.

Tower’s social-emotional curriculum, Responsive Classroom®, builds the essential foundation that enables children and teens to develop deep friendships, resolve disagreements, communicate their needs—or those of a friend—and feel anchored in a community with diverse perspectives.

Academic Fortitude

In addition to the character building and social confidence benefits of Responsive Classroom®, teachers instill a set of academic competencies that build academic confidence, including: academic mindset, perseverance, learning strategies and academic behaviors.

This character-building education promotes social confidence and meaningful connection, enabling children to recognize a sense of belonging to a community of learners–one in which their ideas and feelings will be heard while knowing how to welcome the ideas and feelings of others.

Tower's Head of Lower School, Liz Buchan

Ms. Andrews' Students Wearing Tower Hats