Prepared for Success

Closing Exercises 2019

Tower graduates are articulate, kind, confident, self-motivated learners who possess the skills for academic and personal achievement in secondary school and in life. 

Tower graduates leave our hallways and classrooms as our newest alumni, well-equipped for the academic and personal experiences that await them in secondary schools and high schools.

Tower students' success extends beyond their mastery of academic content, athleticism and creative skills. Our students know who they are as learners, friends, members of a community, and extraordinary individuals. They know what they believe in and have confidence in their abilities to ‘leave it better’—a middle school mantra focused on our individual and collective impact on our community.

Head of Middle School, Ryan Buckley

8th Grade Capstone Project: “This I Believe.” Essays

“This I Believe,” is Tower's capstone project for all 8th grade students, through which they combine reflection, academic skills, personal voice and public speaking skills to share the core values that guide their daily lives. Students write and refine their essay, then practice aloud before sharing with fellow middle school students at assemblies throughout the year.

I Believe Determination Matters More than All.

I Believe We Should Give Up on Being "Perfect." Just Be Yourself.

I Believe in Spending as Much Time with Family as Possible.

“Leaving it Better” Includes Returning to Visit Often.

We look forward to visits by alumni—impromptu drop-ins and planned events such as the Young Alumni vs Faculty Soccer Games or Legacy Family Breakfasts. Our community shines brightest whenever we get back together.

Alumni Faculty Soccer Game

Fall 2019 Alumni vs Faculty Soccer Game