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Opportunities to Excel


We provide opportunities for students to identify themselves as innovators, leaders, contributors, artists and athletes.


Student Government

Students are elected by their peers to represent all students in the school. They plan fun events for students and create opportunities to recognize or support people and organizations beyond our campus.

This year, Student Government leaders held a fund raiser in support essential workers at Lafayette nursing home and created care packages for each of them.



Students in all grades are exposed to poetry, literature, historical accounts and current events. Students learn to analyze information, organize ideas and craft creative essays, poems, and expository reports. 

In Spanish classes, students write and converse about culture, history, food, world politics, sports and write their own children's books in Spanish.



Coding Class

This mask-free photo was taken in 2018.

Students develop beginning coding skills in the Lower School using MIT's Scratch programming language to create interactive stories, games, and animations. As students build their skills, they progress to Python.

The coding curriculum at Tower has seen enormous expansion in recent years due to its popularity. Students love the progression of skills and look forward to working in the coding lab.


Citizen Scientists

Studying Earth Worms

Students in all grades learn the scientific method for observing and appreciating the natural world. Students have on-campus access to woods, wetlands, gardens, a greenhouse, well-appointed science labs and technology, as well as access to nearby beaches and harbors. 

Science is often taught in multidisciplinary curricula, providing opportunities for students to thrive in cooperative STEM/STEAM learning environments.



Students in all grades participate in on-stage productions, musical performances and public speaking opportunities. Students gain skills in stage presence, voice projection and connection with an audience.

Students who thrive with on-stage experiences, designing stage sets or as sound and lighting managers all look forward to welcoming the community to an annual musical production. 



This mask-free photo was taken in 2018.

All students in grades 6-8 participate in interscholastic athletics, with real, meaningful playing time. Students with experience in a sport take leadership roles, helping less experienced players build their skills.