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Mission In Action

Our Mission

We teach our students to think critically and creatively, to develop joyful curiosity, to embrace challenge and apply their knowledge with confidence, and to thrive within a community rich with diverse perspectives and talents.


Learn How We Achieve Our Mission for Students. 

Whether you're a long-time Tower family or one just beginning conversations with our admission team, we want you to be familiar with our school's mission and the curriculum we develop to achieve this mission for students.

Mission in Action serves as a pedagogical hub with our mission in the center. Each of our eight tenets indicates, in broad strokes, how we achieve our mission for students. The hub is supported by pages that dig deeper, define terms or provide curricular examples of students' day to day learning.

Underlined text provides direct links to supporting information.

1. We Hire Well.

Mrs. Osattin

What Does it Mean to “Hire Well?”

We attract teachers whose commitment to academic excellence and professional development promotes both critical and creative thinking.


2. We Establish a Sense of Belonging.

Kindergarten Dino Day

How Does Tower Create an Inclusive Community?  

We nurture important, collaborative-learning relationships. Our students and parents are known; their voices and contributions are vital.


Discover the Impact for Children.

»  We value the growing diversity within our community. Learn about our DEIJ commitment.

»  We emphasize Social-Emotional Development at every age. Discover what we mean by, “Known and Needed.”

»  Hear from students, as they share their experiences at Tower.

»  Our school is brighter, bustling and more vibrant because of our families' engagement within our community.

»  We're lifelong learners, too. Discover our speaker series, TowerTalks, for parents and faculty.

3. We Initiate Opportunities to Excel.

Soccer at Recess

In what Ways Do Students Excel at Tower?

We provide opportunities for students to identify themselves as innovators, leaders, contributors, artists and athletes.


See How We Help Students Apply their Knowledge and Achieve their Goals for themselves and their Communities.

»  Click here to see a few examples of our robust curriculum that embraces student voice, forges deep connections with their teachers and provides access to the resources needed to achieve their goals.

4. We Engage and Motivate Students.

An Engaging History Discussion

How Does Tower Motivate Students?

Our hands-on curriculum reinforces classroom learning, elevates critical thinking ability and promotes academic achievement.

Find out about Our Approach to Engaging Students, Embedded in the History of Tower's Curriculum.

»  Click here to see a few examples of our engaging curriculum.


5. We Embrace Childhood.

Kindergarten Imaginative Play in the Outdoor Classroom

How Does Tower's Curriculum Embrace Childhood?  

Our students excel within a curriculum that balances classroom achievement with intentional time for play, imagination and physical activity.

Discover Why this Is Essential for Learning.

»  Imagination, play and physical activity strengthen the development of cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth. Discover the ways we prioritize balance and intentional time for play through our curriculum.

6. We Inspire Advocacy.

Pup Club Fundraiser for Dog Shelter

This mask-free photo was taken in October 2019.

We Inspire Advocacy. 

We encourage students to advocate for themselves and others, to contribute their skills in support of causes about which they are passionate and to pursue sustainability in all aspects of their lives.

Learn More about Service to Others.

Tower's service learning program is an integral part of the learning experience for our students. Here students learn to use their skills, abilities, and emotional intelligence to impact the world beyond themselves. This forms the foundation of leadership. 

»  See examples of how students contribute to the community and environment while gaining deeper insight and connection to classroom learning.

»  See an overview of Tower's progress toward greater sustainability, and how the Tower community contributes to our advancements.

7. We Emphasize Creativity.


We Emphasize Creativity.

We promote personal expression through vibrant visual arts, music, woodworking, performing arts and our immersive approach across the curriculum. 

Consider the Benefits of a Robust Arts Curriculum:

  • Art is important to the intellectual and social growth of children.
  • Art reinforces the whole curriculum.
  • The study of art develops self-discipline and self-confidence.
  • Art creates cooperative group dynamics.

» Read, “The Importance of Arts in Education,” by Tower's Director of the Arts Frederick Shepard.  

» See examples of Tower's Curriculum for students.  

8. We Prepare Students for Future Success.

Closing Exercises, Diploma Ceremony

We Prepare Students for Future Success.

Tower graduates are articulate, kind, confident, self-motivated learners who possess the skills for academic and personal achievement in secondary school and in life.

Find Out which Skills Children Need to Be Successful in the Future.

» Prepared for Success

» See the matriculation list for Tower graduates.

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