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We value creativity throughout the curriculum and across the grades. Tower students learn music history, voice, instruments, dance, drama, stage presence, set design, lighting and sound, clay, paper, textiles, paint, sculpture, woodworking, guitar building, architecture, metalwork, furniture making, art history and more. 

Creativity is not limited to the studios or the stage. Teachers of all disciplines weave opportunities for creative self-expression throughout our multidisciplinary work and STEAM projects.

Arts education is important to the intellectual and social growth of children and constitutes a vital component of Tower's curriculum.

Director of the Arts, Frederick Shepard

Papier-Mâché in Kindergarten

Paper Mache in Kindergarten

5th Grade Woodworking

Birdhouse Design and Construction

3rd Grade Music Class

3rd Grade Music Class

Pre-K Play, Make Way for Ducklings

8th Grade Guitar Building Class

Guitar Building Class

Drama Production, The Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid Production

Music Class on the Playground

Music Notes

8th Grade Clay Studio

8th Grade Clay Studio Class

Recognizing Mathematical Balance in Art: A Study of Fractions through Mondrian-Inspired Art

Mondrian %22Fakes%22 Fraction Art

5th graders studied the art of Piet Mondrian as 1st graders. Years later, they examined his art from a mathematical viewpoint. His art is known for having less than 1/2 of the space in color, and more than 1/2 in black and white. Students made their own Mondrian-Inspired "good fakes" and were challenged to mathematically prove that their work reflected the principles of the real Mondrian artwork.