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Spotlight on AlumniOur alumni live and work all over the world in every field imaginable. Read below our graduates’ stories and the impact Tower has had on their lives.

Emma Garfield, Amy Bucher Photography

My advice to current Tower students is something I heard from dozens of adults while I was in school, but that I never appreciated as deeply as I do now – take advantage of every opportunity. Though it sounds cliché, Tower has so many incredible resources, and the best thing you can possibly do is seize every opportunity you can to explore new things, try new things, and learn new things.

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Stanton Dodge ’82

“If you can make a career doing what you love, you’ll look forward to work every day. Listen to those inner voices, it’s right there. Love snowboarding? Work for Burton. Passionate about fly-fishing? Get a job at Orvis. Once you determine your passion, chase experience, not money, and that’s what will make you the most successful in the long run.”

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Kayla McCellon ’13

"My experience at Tower was very positive and provided me with the core skills that have allowed me to be successful. I think of being instilled with kindness, creativity, hard work, respect, and curiosity. You can go anywhere if you have these principles."

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