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Spotlight on Alumni

Spotlight on Alumni is a new feature highlighting Tower's alumni. Our alumni live and work all over the world in every field imaginable. This new series captures our graduates’ stories and the impact Tower has had on their lives.

To share your story and to stay connected, click here to complete the alumni contact form on our alumni page.

To read the bios of our alumni, click the names below.

Michael O'Malley

“The range–and quality–of Tower’s academics and extracurriculars are what separates the school from any others I know. In retrospect, my only regret during my time at Tower is that I didn’t experience more of what it had to offer.”

Daniel Do '09

"My success is a reflection of the people that I surround myself with and the people at Tower are part of that circle."

Kayla McCellon '13

"My experience at Tower was very positive and provided me with the core skills that have allowed me to be successful. I think of being instilled with kindness, creativity, hard work, respect, and curiosity. You can go anywhere if you have these principles."

Stephanie Cmar '00

"My advice would be to follow what you love. You are all still so young that you will have the opportunity to try so many different things. Remember, you should always trust your instinct and to push yourself to take every opportunity."