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Grade 8

Varsity Boys Soccer

The eighth grade is the culmination of a Tower School education. We continue to teach essential academic skills and we encourage independence and provide a supportive environment for students to find their voices. We provide opportunities for leadership growth through academic, athletic, social, and community-service opportunities. We prepare the students to present themselves in the best possible light, focusing on social skills, self-confidence, and positive group dynamics. Through classroom projects and extracurricular activities, we provide our students with opportunities to succeed through teamwork.

Tower graduates are prepared for the challenges of secondary school because they are able to delve beneath the surface, understand the connections between topics and can apply their academic skills with confidence.

Grade 8 Curriculum

We sent three children to Tower. When our oldest first went to boarding school, he called us and said, 'Thank you for sending me to Tower, I am more than prepared to do this work.' That says it all!

Becky McKernan, Parent & Board Member

Awards Night

8th grade history: Westward Expansion Project