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Grade 6

observations at the wetlands on campus

early morning observations at the wetlands


Sixth grade is a time of exploration, trial and error, and individual and cooperative work. Students are developing into more autonomous learners and are expected to think more independently, grappling with more “why” and “how” questions as the year progresses.

In sixth grade, time management, study skills, self-advocacy, and responsibility are taught, modeled, and emphasized in all classes, in advisory, and during homeroom time. These essential study skills contribute to academic success. Students reflect on assessments in combination with teacher feedback as a means for academic growth.

Students continue to hone their critical thinking and creative skills and adjust to an increased academic workload and begin to spend more time doing important project-based and collaborative work.

Sixth graders are also exposed to cross-grade experiences throughout our program which fosters a sense of collaboration and unity in Middle School. Our 6th grade athletes learn from older veteran athletes on our sports’ teams. Students also have the unique opportunity to collaborate and partner with 7th and 8th grade students during arts block classes and during our service program.

Grade 6 Curriculum

We are so blessed to have the benefits of a high quality private education in our backyard. Like most families, our children are unique, both in their gifts as well as their developmental needs. The intimacy, flexible pedagogy, and dedication from the faculty allow our children to overcome their individual challenges while discovering and developing their unique talents.

Mark and Robin Roberge, Tower parents ‘21, ‘22

6th grade study of wetlands environment
6th grade study of wetlands on campus


My daughter chose Tower for middle school starting in 6th grade. Everyone at Tower was warm and welcoming. Our family immediately felt included and part of a great community of students, faculty, and families. Anna received a great education, developed great friendships, and has become a self-motivated learner who is well prepared for secondary school. I would highly recommend Tower School!anonymously published review on