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Middle School Curriculum: Grades 5-8

Tower's Middle School students thrive in an intellectually challenging environment where deep knowledge is earned through engaging, experiential learning opportunities; collaboration; and creative thinking. Adolescents gain essential social-emotional skills of self-advocacy, empathy and confidence—and grow to seek broader responsibilities as fellow students and community members.


As our Mission emphasizes, “We establish a sense of belonging.”

As early adolescents, middle school students are at an important milestone in their educational path—a time when connection and challenge encourage personal and academic growth.

Our students are known and deeply cared for by the teachers and advisors who lead their learning and support them through the challenges that our rigorous academic program presents. When students have deep relationships with their teachers, we know they perform at optimal levels.

Our students also feel deeply connected with one another. They champion qualities of respect, helpfulness, and kindness. The Middle School is a place where relationships and character are critical components for establishing learning relationships for students.

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Spanish Class


“We prepare students for future success.”

With foundational academic skills secured in Lower School, our Middle School students embrace an ambitious academic program. Whether it is mastering the skills of algebra, engaging in historical research and evidence-based reasoning, writing, conversing in Spanish, or mastering the processes of observation and experimentation in science, our students apply their academic and study skills with confidence.

They are adept with the tools and strategies—note taking, research, test preparation, effective study habits—for success at the most selective secondary schools and highly ranked public high schools.

Students in the Greenhouse, Completing Presentation Journals


“We provide opportunities for students to identify themselves as innovators, leaders, contributors, artists, and athletes.”

Early adolescents need opportunities to excel, to take initiative, and to use their voice. We provide these through the classroom and through athletic, social, and community-service programs.

  • In the classroom, students lead the charge with debate, discussion, teamwork, and questioning; they learn to self-advocate and to use their teachers and resources proactively to further their own learning.
  • On the field, students lead athletic teams as captains or veteran players.
  • Students impact school life through student government, as editors of our literary magazine, and as environmental stewards, to name a few.
  • Through our service program, students lead with character and heart to contribute to a wide range of local organizations.

There is no shortage of opportunities for every student to practice taking initiative and using their skill and voice in meaningful ways.

We have high expectations for our Middle School students and for ourselves. We know that establishing a strong foundation of academic skill, character and confidence now will ensure that our students are ready for any secondary school experience. Moreover, we know that a this foundation will have a lasting positive effect over the course of a lifetime.

Deacon Chapin and math students


We want our students to leave Tower with every door open to them.


Tower's emphasis on Character & Confidence gives children and adolescents the skills to thrive—as students, leaders, and citizens.

Tower students are articulate, confident, self-motivated learners who engage in their academic success, develop strong leadership skills, and create opportunities to contribute meaningfully in their communities and the world.