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Interscholastic Athletics

Varsity Soccer


We teach students the benefits of physical activity and challenge students to reach personal levels of excellence in a supportive environment. We strive to instill leadership skills and the importance of teamwork. As coaches, we promote good character, sportsmanship and we seek to field competitive interscholastic teams. We arrive on the field with a play-to-win attitude—but a winning record is neither a goal nor a priority. Effort, fair play, and good sportsmanship are the most important outcomes.


Through the continuity of Tower's physical education and athletics curriculum, we will:

  • encourage lifelong enjoyment of physical fitness
  • impart the value of sportsmanship and good character—on the field and off
  • provide leadership opportunities for athletes of all ability levels
  • give each student the experience of playing on a competitive team
  • provide high-quality instruction and supportive, enthusiastic coaching for all athletes
  • demonstrate the correlation between hard work and improved skills
  • elevate school spirit—we hope our students will have fun playing sports at Tower
  • provide meaningful playing time in each game for which our athletes are prepared. Players will share the playing time in every game, fairly

Athletics Offerings By Season

Fall Interscholastic Sports
Girls' Soccer
Boys' Soccer
Co-ed Cross-Country

Winter Interscholastic Sports
Girls' Basketball
Boys' Basketball

Spring Interscholastic Sports
Girls' Lacrosse
Boys' Lacrosse


Approching the Finish Line: Cross Country Meet

Athletics Policies

  • Middle School students must submit an athletic plan for the year.
  • Middle School students are required to play at least one season each year on a competitive, interscholastic team. Student participation in all sports seasons is strongly encouraged.
  • Participation in practices and games is critical to individual and team development. Regular attendance at practices and games is required.
  • Depending on participation levels, Tower may offer Varsity and JV teams. Students will be selected for varsity level teams based on ability, effort, and attitude, as well as by students’ physical development and maturity. Preference will generally be given to eighth grade students.
  • Depending on participation, Tower School may choose to offer a sixth grade team as an alternative to participation at the JV level. While this may happen in any season, most frequently this occurs during basketball.