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Grade 4

The world opens up for fourth graders. Seeing and understanding the perspectives of others becomes more important. They are questioners, industrious workers, and beginning critical-thinkers. It is a time when students accept more responsibility for their own learning and apply the skills and knowledge gained in previous grades. They are ready for and desire that challenge. They enjoy the process of learning along with the satisfaction of a product well-completed.

Fourth graders are encouraged to take academic and social risks in an atmosphere that is supportive. They are expected to do their best and be good citizens. There are chances to explore new interests and extend the boundaries of what they think they are capable of doing. It is a chance for them to discover and express their identities as individuals and members of the Tower community. We work to develop confidence in the students to be successful learners, contributors to the betterment of our world, and generous friends.

Grade 4 Curriculum

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