Caring for each other has always been a strength of the Tower community. In times of challenge, we come together for each other in big and small ways. Now, more than ever, this is true. To provide immediate support for our community during these unprecedented times, Tower has launched the TigerLOVE Fund—providing immediate use for:

  • Short-term tuition assistance to keep current families enrolled at Tower. Thus far, over $25,000 in short-term tuition assistance has been offered this spring and we anticipate tuition assistance needs will continue to rise. In order to balance this unexpected—but important—effort to keep our Tower community whole, additional philanthropic revenue is needed.
  • Our distance learning program. Tower has quickly adjusted to a virtual learning environment and it is clear it will be part of the future in education. We need to remain flexible, nimble and innovative in our delivery of program. In order to do this, additional resources and professional development are needed to bring the best to our students. 

Please consider a donation in any amount to the TigerLOVE Fund. All gifts make an immediate impact and demonstrate the strength and resilience of our community.