2018 Fellowship Reception

Thursday, April 26, 2018 | 6-8pm

Come meet Head of School Tim Delehaunty, reconnect with Tower friends, and thank Nancy McCarthy for an incredible 42 years of teaching! This is a 21+ cocktail reception for all alumni, parents of alumni, and current and former faculty and trustees.


Look Who's Coming!
as of April 25, 2018

Jessie Achterhof
Gillian Andrews
Elena and Steve Arthur
Tess Bauta '90
Deb and Scott Beatty
Jean and Jim Behnke
Terry and Mark Berenson
Michelle Berg
Leila Blodgett
Kate Bracken '92
Liz Buchan
Meredith and Ryan Buckley
Meghan Burke
Jim Byrne
Valerie and Mark Cohen
David Connolly '64
Steve Connolly '63
Diane Curran
Stephanie Curtis
Theresa and Tim Delehaunty
Mary Dailey
Sara and Chris Field
Stephanie Fitzgerald
LuAnn and Tom Gabel
Mindy and Eric Gyllenborg
Christine Henderson
Cindy McCann and Jim Higgins
Kelley Howells
Jessica Lockwood Hyde '94
Gina and Walter Jacob
Allison Juves
Francene and Todd Kanter
Reagan Kenwell
Kelly Klocker
Elaina Louisos-Kramer
Emily '88 and Carlos Lopez
Kate and Dan Mahoney
Dawn and Lou Mayle
Pamela Mazow
Cindy McCann
Jenny and Chris McCarthy
Nancy McCarthy
Alethea '89 and Mark McCormick
Andrea McEachern
Becky and Kevin McKernan
Page Minshall '95
Sig Orne '80
Erica and Eric Osattin '93
Colleen Parenteau
Rachel Perrella
Ayala Pignato
Colleen and Jim Polk
Jo Price
Sally and Toby Reiley
Brad Robie '88
Gabi Rogers
Carrie Rosenman '90
Susie Schneider
Pam and Dean Sidell
Dick Sloane
Ali Spring '95
Jenn and Eric Suhr
Judy Thoft
Webb Thompson
Ellie Tomlinson
Kim Trudel
Karen Van Adzin
Julie Walsh
Russ Wells
Fariba York
Dorothy and Adriaan Zur Muhlen