McCann Chair for Teaching Excellence

In honor of Cynthia McCann, Ed. D., and her 35 years of dedicated teaching at Tower School, the Board of Trustees established The McCann Chair for Excellence in Teaching. Announced in May 2016, the McCann Chair honors Cindy, her impact on generations of students, colleagues, and families; and her lifelong love of learning.

Throughout her time at Tower, Cindy McCann benefited from numerous professional development opportunities including receiving an MA in 1998 and a doctorate in 2011, both from Lesley University. In turn, those experiences influenced her work with students, strengthened her abilities as a teacher, and mentor to fellow faculty. In recognition of the importance of professional development opportunities, including the pursuit of graduate degrees, the recipient of the McCann Chair will receive up to $2,000/year for professional development opportunities. Funds may be used on an annual basis or may accrue over the course of the three-year period. In addition to providing professional development opportunities, income from the McCann Chair will be used to partially, or fully, offset the costs of the recipient’s salary and benefits. Congratulations to Webb Thompson who was named as the first recipient of the McCann Chair in 2016.

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