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Class Gifts

Students in Pre-K through Grade 5 worked together to create a single piece of artwork for their grade. Class gifts will be auctioned off on Quickie Board #9.

Q123 PK: Seashells by the Seashore

A nod to those hazy, lazy days of summer, this whimsical 4-pane piece of window art was designed by the pre-k kiddos using sand, sea glass, shells and starfish that were permanently encased in clear epoxy resin. Hang it and have a view of the beach that’s always within reach.

Q124 Kindergarten: Driftwood Sail Mobiles

Our kindergarten students worked to each construct a sailboat from burlap, fabric, twine, and driftwood. These whimsical sailboats were then assembled into a mobile flotilla using more twine and driftwood.

Q125 1st Grade: "Sunrise on the Iceberg", an Origami Penguin Party

First graders have been working on perfecting their origami skills all year long and have recently been learning a lot about penguins. For their class gift this year they have created a piece paying homage to their favorite frosty-footed friends incorpo- rating origami and nautical sail charts encased in a handsome shadow box.

Q126 2nd Grade: Mandala Rocks

Using flat beach rocks and metallic paint markers to create unique designs, our 2nd graders created a masterpiece of geometric shapes inspired by Tibetan mandalas. The individually decorated rocks were then grouped together, photographed and transformed into a jigsaw puzzle that is sure to provide hours of enjoyment.


Q127 3rd Grade: Tower Lighthouse String Art

Our third graders worked together to construct a lighthouse inspired by Tower’s iconic logo. They used wood, nails, twine, and glue to bring their work to life. This piece would make an excellent addition to any nautical decor.

Q128 4th Grade: Quilt of Dreams

Tower’s 4th graders have been studying electricity and working with conductive thread, LED lights, and brilliant fabrics to construct a truly stunning quilt inspired by the landscape of Marblehead at sunset. A masterpiece, a centerpiece, a conversation piece to behold!


Q129 5th Grade: Human Rights Montage

The 5th graders have been learning this year about the Universal Declaration of human Rights. This collage incorporates each of their artistic expressions of what human rights means to them. This piece is constructed of drawings in colored pencil on “Shrinky Dink” paper, shrunken down and mounted in a frame.