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The proceeds generated by the benefit support two important programs that enhance the experience provided by the school—the Cultural Enrichment program for students and the Professional Development program for faculty.

Cultural Enrichment

Cultural Enrichment offers programming that enhances students’ breadth of experience. Did your child want to be a meteorologist after meeting Dave Epstein or an author or illustrator after attending Matt Tavares' workshop? The experiences from the past year, and ones planned in the future, are made possible by funds of the benefit.

student drawings


Matthew Tavares

Professional Development

Professional Development encourages faculty members to explore opportunities and expand their knowledge and passion. They, in turn, enrich the classroom experience they are able to offer to the students.

One highlight is History teacher Sig Orne's trip tracing the route of westward expansion by traveling in the footsteps of early settlers along the Oregon Trail. Her primary-source experience brings learning to life for her Middle School students.

Learn more about what our teachers are doing with professional development.

Sig Orne