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8th Grade Class Gift

The Class Gift is an 8th grade tradition to provide support for a special project or need at the school. Together with school leadership we have identified a class gift that will have a direct impact on the entire Tower community. The outdoor are next to the Head of School house will be transformed in "Colgate Gardens". This redeveloped area will serve as a continuation of the goals of the Backyard Project, providing a revamped, versatile outdoor space for the community. 

We hope that each family will contribute to this effort with a gift that is meaningful to them. The final scope of the project will be determined by our collective support of the Class Gift. Our goal is to have 100% participation by Closing Exercises. Thank you very much for your consideration!

Before and After

Current space as of April 2022.

Current space as of April 2022.

Overhead view of the design plans, including the native plant species to be used for the project.

A conceptual image of the final product. 

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