Class of 2018

“Alumni Hall”, the 2018 Class Gift, will create a lasting dedication to the Class of 2018 and generations of Tower School alumni. Each 8th grader will design and paint a ceramic tile which will then be assembled together and displayed in recognition of the Class of 2018. This project will continue as an end-of-year tradition for future graduating classes, allowing students to leave their mark on Tower in a creative and visible way.

Webb Thompson's tile from New Canaan Country School Beacon of Excellence tiles
Tile examples: Webb Thompson’s tile from 1991 when he graduated from New Canaan Country School in CT. Ryan Buckley and Tim Delehaunty went in search of it while they were still at NCCS and snapped this photo. The tiles bordering the rotunda in the upper school wing were created during the Beacon of Excellence campaign in 2006 and show how individual tiles come together to form a unified piece of artwork.

With everyone’s support, we plan to give this project a permanent home in the newly dedicated “Alumni Hall”, located in the Upper School wing by the Cornell loop entryway. The space will be elevated with a fresh coat of paint, new lighting and ceiling tiles, and signage of the space’s new name “Alumni Hall”.

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