Upper School Arts Program

Upper school students transition from our traditional studio and art history program to experience an in-depth, specialized study of their choice of several art forms.

Arts Course Offerings at Tower

Each trimetster, students select one art course for in-depth study. Recent offerings include: digital photography, sculpting with clay, architecture,

jazz band, art history, guitar building, drawing and print making, stop-motion animation,tapestry, glass mosaics, world cuisine, hand bells, programming, meditation, long board skateboard building, and portraiture.

Guitar Building as an Example

Students begin with a rectangular wood blank and template, and create a guitar of their own based on the popular Fender Telecaster or Stratocaster designs. Students use hand and power tools such as the band saw, drill press, rasps, files, and hand-sanders.

By the end of the trimester, students have transformed their wood blank into a finely-crafted guitar.

Guitars are personalized based on the student’s choice of wood for the body, dye or stain color, and hardware. To complete the course, students assemble their guitars and learn the set up for optimal performance.

The project exposes young guitar builders to the history of the instrument, the math behind the fret placement and how scales are calculated, as well as the science of the instrument’s magnetic pickup system and controls.

To learn more about Tower School, please contact Reagan Kenwell, our Director of Admission, to request a brochure or schedule a tour.