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The Winter Blues
Sarah Gold, LMHC, School Counselor

Happy February! Only 49 days until it’s officially Spring! Hooray! 

Ok, enough sunshine. Let’s be real. January felt like it was at least 3 months long and we all know that warm, inviting weather is a long way away. How are we going to get ourselves and our kids through the rest of the winter? How do you fight the winter blues? 

The winter blues can be more than just a slight dip in your mood and motivation. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is when the winter blues turns into depression. You are more likely to suffer from SAD if you live far from the equator—1% of people living in Florida suffer from SAD, whereas 9% of people living in places like New England are...

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Tuition Assistance at Tower
Stephanie Curtis, Director of Marketing & Communication

For many families, an independent school education represents a significant investment in their children's future. Tower's engaging hands-on curriculum elevates children's critical thinking ability, promotes collaborative learning relationships and provides opportunities for students to identify themselves as innovators, leaders and contributors within a community. 

Tower students become articulate, confident, self-motivated learners who possess the skills for academic and personal achievement throughout their lives.

Our tuition assistance program helps to make a Tower education a reality for families, regardless of their ability to afford the entire...

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#GivingTuesday, in Honor of Our Founders
Kim Trudel, Director of Annual Giving and Jessie Achterhof, Director of Development

Tower’s history is a unique one dating back to 1912. It’s worth sharing on this #GivingTuesday to inspire–or affirm–your philanthropic support of Tower.  
In 1912, Adeline Tower opened Miss Tower’s School for Children in a colonial home at 1 South Pine Street in Salem, MA. With just four students, she introduced...

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I Am Inspired.
Liz Buchan, Head of Lower School

One of my priorities this past summer, as Tower’s new Head of Lower School, was to invite Lower School teachers out for coffee. I wanted to get to know our teachers to the fullest extent I could.
First of all, I discovered that Tower teachers love coffee.  And was I caffeinated. But much more than that, I was inspired. Our teachers are dedicated, smart, funny, interesting human beings.

Here are a few of the things I learned...

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The Excitement of the Secondary School Search
Mary Dailey, Director of Secondary School Placement

Middle school students approach the new school year with a mix of excitement, joy, and even a little anxious energy. Reuniting with friends, meeting teachers for the first time, reading the class syllabus and anticipating the fun learning that is in store for the year is a great way to begin. Anxious energy can sometimes creep in as students transition from the slower pace of summer to the longer days of fall—filled with learning and discovery.

An even bigger wave of emotions lies ahead for our students beginning eighth grade...

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Tower School Logo
Tim Delehaunty, Head of School

I asked three questions of students at our opening all school assembly. As a new person at school, I told them I wanted to understand the words and images we use in our familiar Tower logo. The logo, as you know, features a lighthouse and the words character and confidence. When I see it out in the community, I feel a tingle of pride.

I asked the first question of the youngest students...

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Welcome to Tower.
Tim Delehaunty, Head of School

The growth of my own children is always most evident to me in the transition from summer vacation to school. I suddenly notice that they are taller, that their voices have changed. Or I see how one of their interests has grown into a real skill. Or I realize that they have moved from one friend to another. Or, as happened this week, I witness one head off to her first year at college.

This year's theme at Tower School is "growing." We are a community of adults and children who are constantly changing and evolving. And while you are watching your child about to embark...

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