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5th Grade In Class Assignment
Stephanie Curtis, Director of Marketing and Communication

Many communities offer a variety of educational options within driving distance, including public, charter, faith-based and independent (private) schools. Knowing what separates independent schools from other schools can help when selecting the best match between a child's unique strengths and a school's mission and culture. 

Below are four reasons that an independent school should be on your consideration list.

  1. Robust and Well-Rounded Curriculum

    Independent schools are known for their emphasis on academic achievement in core subject areas as well as the development of important skills such as: research, collaboration, problem solving and writing. 

    In addition, independent schools emphasize the importance of a well-rounded education. They offer a broad range of visual and performing arts, language options, extracurricular clubs, physical education, interscholastic athletic programs, community service and leadership...
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Kindergarten student journaling
Stephanie Curtis, Director of Marketing & Communication

Exploring private/independent school options for your child is an exciting time for families. To get the most out of the experience, begin with a plan. You’ll know which questions to ask along the way, and be better able to identify your priorities when choosing the best fit for your child and your family.

STEP 1. Define your ideal educational experience for your child. 

What hopes do you have for your child that would be nurtured through the right school environment? Draft your list, knowing that you may make revisions as your research progresses.

STEP 2. Research schools in your area by utilizing online resources

  1. Begin with a Google search using general terms such as: “best independent school near me” or “Pre-Kindergarten near Marblehead.” Make a list of schools to research.

  2. Frequent the schools’ websites and social media accounts to learn about curriculum, educational  philosophy, school culture and alumni engagement.

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Courage and Growth
Liz Buchan, Head of Lower School

This year's theme of Growing is quite relevant at this time of year. Spring really has arrived—flowers are peeking through the ground, there are buds on the tree branches, and the last bit of snow has melted.
Inside the building, students continue in their Growing—in their skills, in their habits, and in their character. They've researched, computed, organized, devised, collaborated, and applied mastered skills to new ones. They've helped each other, they've rooted for each other and themselves, and every day they "choose kind" in some way: a smile, a compliment, a door held open for another.
The building and application of these skills takes academic and social courage. I recently shared with faculty this Edutopia article about courage. In it, the author reflects that in schools, there's an important place for differentiated courage. As he describes it,

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Los Monstruos
Anna Walcutt, Spanish Teacher

The winter months present the perfect opportunity to “sink our teeth” into a topic in Spanish class. My fifth grade students spent the winter doing just that—while learning about monsters.

The unit began in a flurry of red eyes, green heads, blue horns, and orange fangs. Imagine a classroom of students reading descriptions of monsters in Spanish and drawing their own versions. Imagine the room erupting in laughter as we share our drawings with each other. Imagine students acquiring language almost effortlessly with each monster they design.

At the end of the unit, each class created a world of

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Influenza Guides for Parents
Elena Arthur, RN, School Nurse

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describes this influenza season as notable for the sheer volume of flu that much of the United States is experiencing.

We want our families to know that we take prevention of the flu seriously. Teachers wipe down surfaces and classroom manipulatives daily and encourage students to wash their hands frequently. Our facilities maintenance crew disinfects hand railings, door knobs and bathrooms. At our school physician's recommendation, we ask that if a child or teacher presents with flu-like symptoms, they remain at home for a full five days before returning to school. As always, we also require that children and teachers be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.

I am encouraged by the preventative measures taken at Tower and by...

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The Winter Blues
Sarah Gold, LMHC, School Counselor

Happy February! Only 49 days until it’s officially Spring! Hooray! 

Ok, enough sunshine. Let’s be real. January felt like it was at least 3 months long and we all know that warm, inviting weather is a long way away. How are we going to get ourselves and our kids through the rest of the winter? How do you fight the winter blues? 

The winter blues can be more than just a slight dip in your mood and motivation. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is when the winter blues turns into depression. You are more likely to suffer from SAD if you live far from the equator—1% of people living in Florida suffer from SAD, whereas 9% of people living in places like New England are...

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Tuition Assistance at Tower
Stephanie Curtis, Director of Marketing & Communication

For many families, an independent school education represents a significant investment in their children's future. Tower's engaging hands-on curriculum elevates children's critical thinking ability, promotes collaborative learning relationships and provides opportunities for students to identify themselves as innovators, leaders and contributors within a community. 

Tower students become articulate, confident, self-motivated learners who possess the skills for academic and personal achievement throughout their lives.

Our tuition assistance program helps to make a Tower education a reality for families, regardless of their ability to afford the entire...

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#GivingTuesday, in Honor of Our Founders
Kim Trudel, Director of Annual Giving and Jessie Achterhof, Director of Development

Tower’s history is a unique one dating back to 1912. It’s worth sharing on this #GivingTuesday to inspire–or affirm–your philanthropic support of Tower.  
In 1912, Adeline Tower opened Miss Tower’s School for Children in a colonial home at 1 South Pine Street in Salem, MA. With just four students, she introduced...

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I Am Inspired.
Liz Buchan, Head of Lower School

One of my priorities this past summer, as Tower’s new Head of Lower School, was to invite Lower School teachers out for coffee. I wanted to get to know our teachers to the fullest extent I could.
First of all, I discovered that Tower teachers love coffee.  And was I caffeinated. But much more than that, I was inspired. Our teachers are dedicated, smart, funny, interesting human beings.

Here are a few of the things I learned...

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