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Peter Franklin: "Mindfulness for the Rest of Us: Being Present by Choice"

Free Tower School Speaker Series Event
March 6, 2018, 7:00-8:30pm

We invite you to join us, as Tower School welcomes Peter Franklin, Tower's Mindfulness Coach, to the stage. Peter will take the mystery out of mindfulness, discussing how the practice can help students and adults increase performance and happiness, while reducing stress and worry.

Peter Franklin is the founder of The Mindful Educator. He is a compelling keynote speaker and consultant who brings mindfulness training to educational leaders, teachers and students. Find more information visit

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First Grade Study of Penguins, Video

First Grade teachers, Sarah Clark and Susie Schneider have been invited to present at next month's Joint Spring Conference of New Hampshire Teachers of Mathematics and Science Teachers' Association. They will present their study of penguins, which is a project-based learning unit involving several species of penguins, plus important data collection and analysis.

Susie and Sarah will demonstrate the project, beginning with the challenge for first graders: Design and collaboratively build a penguin model that mimics the group's assigned penguin species' physical characteristics and behavior, including the ability to float like a penguin.

To view the video and read the full description, please click Read More.

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Los Monstruos

by Anna Walcutt, Spanish Teacher (Excerpted from the Tower School Blog)

The winter months present the perfect opportunity to "sink our teeth" into a topic in Spanish class. My fifth grade students spent the winter doing just that—while learning about monsters.

The unit began in a flurry of red eyes, green heads, blue horns, and orange fangs. Imagine a classroom of students reading descriptions of monsters in Spanish and drawing their own versions. Imagine the room erupting in laughter as we share our drawings with each other. Imagine students acquiring language almost effortlessly with each...

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