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Cultural Enrichment

This committee works with Tower to provide an extensive curricular and cultural enrichment program throughout the school year. Guest speakers, educators and performers offer students a glimpse of cultures from across the world, and introduce them to fascinating professions, and unique forms of artistic expression. Volunteers are needed to help gather and vet new ideas, and to welcome guests and presenters to school.

Community Events

The TSPA is looking for parents to spearhead some fun family events throughout the year! Volunteers are needed to help organize, run stations, set-up and clean-up, and help in many other ways. Volunteers are needed to help plan which can be done remotely, or take a shift at an event. Many hands are needed so please consider lending your time and join us!

Fall Family Weekend

This volunteer(s) will work with the TSPA to assist in planning and coordinating the Fall Family Weekend.

Room Parents

The TSPA is looking for two volunteers from each grade to serve as room parents for the 2022-2023 school year. These volunteers will serve as the primary point of contact for other parents in the grade, will assist teachers throughout the year, and will help in coordinating faculty appreciations and other school events.

Host Parent Gathering

At the start of every school year, each grade holds a gathering for all of the parents. Typically, this event will take place in someone's home/yard within the first couple of months of school. If you would be interested in hosting your child's grade, please let us know!

PIN Liason (Parents' Independent School Network)

These volunteers serve as a liaison to the Parent's independent School Network, which consists of parents from independent schools across the country. Meetings cover a wide variety of topics that pertain to students and families, all aimed at enhancing the school experience.

Book Fair

These volunteers organize and staff Tower's annual book fair.