Hello from Tower.

Dear Tower families,


It seems like just a short time ago I wrote to you about all that we were looking forward to for students during this nine week stretch of winter, and yet here we are—ready to head out for March Break.

Our faculty has done an amazing job teaching, inspiring and motivating our students through an eventful and productive winter. The trimester is now complete with culminations of numerous projects and accomplishments from the First Grade Penguin Expo to the Upper School drama production of The Little Mermaid.

We have so much to look forward to in the third trimester. Just days after we return, we will host the Tower School Auction, "Under the Tuscan Sun." We look forward to a night of fun together while raising money to support Cultural Enrichment programs for students and Professional Development for faculty. Also included is a special opportunity to raise funds for the playgrounds as part of the transformational backyard project. Later in April, the Head of School Search Committee will be inviting your participation as finalist candidates visit our school. In May, we look forward to the combined Grandparents Day and The Arts Festival and May Day Concert at which students will display their visual and performing arts accomplishments achieved throughout the year. Lacrosse and the intramural Outdoor Activities seasons will kick off as part of the entire trimester of exciting learning experiences for all of our students. In late May, we anticipate breaking ground for the summer back yard project even as we prepare to honor the Class of 2019 with an Awards Ceremony and Closing Exercises in June.


So for the next two weeks, enjoy your break and your families. Rest, renew, have fun and join us in anticipation for all that awaits us this Spring at Tower.



Dean Sidell

Dean Sidell
Acting Head of School

Penguin Expo

The First grade Penguin Expo: The Rockhopper penguin, shown here, received points for being an accurate representation of the species, with yellow head feathers, red eyes and beak, and pink feet. Each penguin also had to endure 2-stage penguin activity testing: 1.successfully suspend in water and then stand and 2. successfully "toboggan." 

King Triton

King Triton cedes his power to Ursula in order to free his daughter Ariel from Ursula's lair. Additional photos can be found on Facebook and Instagram. 


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