Students on Stage Rehearsing with Mr. Shepard, Director of Arts

Dear Tower Alumni,


Welcome to our first edition of The Beacon, an on-line newsletter for Tower alumni and their families. I am so glad to have a chance to connect with this group. My early days at Tower have shown me how the important work we do on West Shore Drive goes out into the world with all of you. I am thrilled that so many of you are telling your stories in this publication.

Photo of Tim Delehaunty, Head of School

The Tower alumni network spans decades and all corners of the globe. In reading these pages, I am reminded of the words of our co-founder, Helen Runnette, who said, "more than saying twelve times three, more than learning to spell, more than learning 'amo, amas, amat' are the fundamentals of learning how to think, how to apply one's knowledge, how to live with one's fellows, and how to develop one's self…" Through your actions and accomplishments, you have made manifest all that I believe Miss Runnette had hoped for when she wrote those words over one hundred years ago. It is indeed what we still hope for the Tower students of today, with you shining the light for others to follow.


I encourage you to visit our school blog and my head's digest to learn more about what's happening at Tower. And please keep in touch so we can know where you are -- be it here in Marblehead or a long way from the North Shore -- and how you are putting Tower's timeless values to work. Kim Trudel, who leads our alumni outreach efforts, welcomes your updates and involvement. 



Tim Delehaunty
Head of School




Editor's Note: This summer we sat down with noted novelist Hannah Tinti '87 to discuss her highly acclaimed book "The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley." Publishers Weekly described it as "an affirmation of the way that heroism and human fallibility coexist, of how good parenting comes in unexpected packages, and of the way we are marked by our encounters with each other and the luminous universe in which we dwell." In addition to other accolades, Twelve Lives was recently named a Best Book of 2017 by the Washington Post and National Public Radio.


 Written by the Class of 2018 Tower Turret Editors: Paul Flacke, Patrick Jenkins, Katie Kara'a, Camilla Marte, and Alex Nassar.

Noted Novelist Hannah Tinti '87

What impact did Tower School have on you?
I remember very fondly Mrs. Sledge and Mr. Sloane. Mrs. Sledge had the biggest impact on me. She was so creative and full of energy. Every year we would have the school play, and she would write songs and parts for all of us, so we basically wrote our own musical. She also showed me the most impactful thing in all of the classes: a circle discussion. A circle discussion is so rare in English classes, but it's most definitely the most effective.

The circle showed me how to dig deeper into literature because the class was more of a discussion than a lecture, and this was all because of Mrs. Sledge. Tower School took away my fear of speaking up and showed me how to have confidence in my own voice.


What was your early life like?
Books were a very special thing in my family. I grew up with and around books because my mom was a librarian at the Brookline Library. Instead of having a special night like a movie night or taking dinner out in front of the TV, we would all bring books to dinner. I think that that is one of the reasons I became who I am today.


How did you get to where you are now?
I attended Tower, high school, and then college. After I graduated I got some internships. One of my first jobs was at The Spirit of '76 Bookstore in Marblehead. I later got a job at the Atlantic Monthly and became an editor for a few different magazines and publishing houses. I've always worn two hats—one as a writer and one as an editor. I probably switch back and forth between writing and editing more easily than some writers. I edit my own work, then ask a small group of friends to give me feedback.


At Tower, we do peer editing. We switch papers with friends so they can give us feedback on our work. Everyone edits the same copy using different pens so we know who gave us which comments.

That's a great skill to be learning. It's something I didn't do until I was in college. It also helps you learn what edits not to include. It's important to learn who to listen to and to learn to listen to your own gut. You have to feel confident in your path because people are always giving you feedback.


What took you down the path of being a novelist?
Well, I was actually a science major in school, so I thought I was going to be doing marine biology. I took a writing class in college, and I was like, 'oh my god, you can actually do this with your life,' so I switched majors. One of my sayings in life is always do what you love, and so I realized when I was doing science that I actually had more of an interest in writing and that's when I chose to switch over to writing, and that path led to being a novelist.


What advice do you have for aspiring writers?
Something that I always tell people is that you should write something that you would like to read. Don't write something you wouldn't read yourself. Don't try to be someone you're not. Think about what you like and write about that. Don't worry about being a certain type of writer. The most important thing is to leave your love on the page.



Aerial Photo of Tower Construction Site

Construction crews have been busy with our campus expansion project. Several houses along the perimeter of the campus were taken down to make way for green space, additional playing fields, and carpool safety improvements. Read more about the project in a recent Marblehead Reporter article. Hats off to our former trustees whose foresight to purchase the abutting homes is making this project possible. 

The Tower Art Gallery officially opened in September. It will showcase the work of Tower's vibrant visual arts program. The gallery space includes the lobby outside of Head of School office and the corridor that leads to the Philips Library. Please stop in to see the work of our students.

Fall 2017 Exhibit of Student Work


Ryan Buckley, Head of Upper School, and Liz Buchan, Head of Lower School

Welcome to our new division heads! Liz Buchan, Head of Lower School, joins us from Brookwood School, where she was a classroom teacher and Math Department Chair. Liz held similar roles at Shore Country Day School as well. Liz is a proud alumnae of Wellesley College and a graduate of the master's teaching program at Lesley University. Ryan Buckley, Head of Upper School, joins us from New Canaan Country School, where he was Director of the Apprentice Teacher Training Program and Assistant Director of Secondary School Counseling. Ryan holds a graduate degree in private school leadership from Columbia University.

We enjoyed catching up with Mrs. McCann, who retired in 2016. Not one to slow down, she has been teaching for the graduate program at Salem State and volunteering for Tower's Development Office. 


Mrs. Henderson, who retired in 2017, makes time to help out her former cohorts by substitute teaching. Mrs. Skinner, who left teaching in 2017 to join the ministry, has been spotted giving a hand in her old studio. Tower community-service students provided much needed hurricane relief to St. Mark's Episcopal School in FL, where Mrs. Strainge, is the Head of School.


We are delighted to have Mrs. Behnke back in Marblehead and helping out at Tower. Her many talents are a wonderful resource for the Development and Front Offices. Most importantly, though, her warm presence and engaging demeanor help us keep in touch with so many former parents.


Congratulations to Grade 1 teachers Mrs. Schneider and Mrs. Clarke who were invited to present their assembly line instructional unit at the National Association of Independent Schools' annual conference in March.


Welcome back Senora Walcutt, who recently recently returned to Tower after giving birth to a baby girl. Congratulations are in order for Learning Skills teacher Mrs. Delaney, who gave birth to her second son in November. Mrs. Walsh has been busy with her twins who joined big brother Harrison in August. Mrs. Dailey welcomed home a daughter in May.




Tower recently published the Centennial Edition of The Turret, which we learned is the oldest K-8 independent school literary magazine in the country. Wow! The first edition was published as a surprise gift to Mrs. Tower from Miss. Runnette and the students. One never knows when a small act of appreciation will make history.


Congratulations to Mrs. Eames and the Lower School Science Club, who received an award from the New England Aquarium for their efforts to protect our oceans. Mrs. Eames tells us, "I simply MUST give all the credit to the students, who came to me with the idea for their club. They have been an inspiration. I am honored with the job of keeping them organized enough to achieve even a small fraction of their goals."


Other recent recognition includes Mr. Thompson and the Grade 6 students who this past spring joined thousands of other students from around the world to produce 3-D printed prosthetics for children in need of an assistive device. The project was recognized with a monetary award by the Parents' Independent School Network.


Research has shown that mindfulness in the classroom leads to greater self-awareness and more engaged learners. Thanks to the generosity of the Bauta Family, Tower's teachers are expanding our mindfulness program more broadly across the curriculum.




Judy Allen '45, who now lives in San Francisco, wrote to us recently to share information about her career in nursing spanning Copenhagen, Paris, Athens, Tokyo and Calgary, Canada.


Brian Bixby '66, an attorney with Burns and Levinson, wrote to us recently to say he "wouldn't be where he is today without Tower School, his great teachers, and classmates."


Thank you to Peter George '69 for stopping by Tower this summer to say hello. We always appreciate visits from alumni.


Johnny Gold '69 retired in 2015 to start up a consulting company in the paper recycling industry. He's been married to his wife, Sharon, for 39 years, has two wonderful daughters, Kate and Linsey, and three grandchildren. Johnny is in his 14th season as head coach of Marblehead High School varsity softball. He enjoys golf, skiing, and time with family.


Mandy Given '77, mom of Lara Given '17, is building a wonderful small business in child, 'tween, and teen yoga and mindfulness. She will be teaching an enrichment class in the afterschool program at Tower starting in January. Her other love is serving at the Boys and Girls Clubs in Boston and Girls, Inc. in Lynn.


Thank you to Brandon Clark '79 for stopping by Tower this summer for a visit. Know the door is always open for a visit.


Tara (Bonura) Lagomarsino '80 wrote to thank the Tower teachers for 'not giving up on me.' After high school, she graduated from Villanova and now has a successful career as a communications professional.


Caitlin (Hosker) Cronin '83, a teacher at a small independent school, writes, "I think often about how Tower shaped my views on life and education. Every day I find myself copying some trick of Mrs. Barnacle, Ms. Tyler, and Mrs. Barry in my teaching. Thank you Tower!"


This has been a transformational year for Nate Lamkin '88 and his family. In the spring they moved to Northern Colorado, where he accepted a position as President of Pathways, a leading provider of hospice, palliative care, and grief support services. His wife and daughters, ages 5 and 9, are settling in to their new school and home in Timnath. Nate tells us he would be delighted to host any Tower alumni who visit the area!


Katie (Behnke) Carlis '91 is an entrepreneur and the founder of Bankie Baby, the go-to site for baby blankets.


Congratulations to Johnathan Sherman '91, artist and sculptor, on the opening of his new gallery in Marblehead.


Charlie Burckmyer '92 and his wife Denise welcomed baby Larsen Burckmyer in September. The Burckmyers live in a Charlestown condo but are looking for more space.


Caitlin Higgins '94 is a physician at Highland Medical Center in Oakland, C.A. She has three daughters and is married to a physician.


Stephen Poss '95 lives in Marblehead and runs a medical device distributorship. He still sees Tower best friends Adam Gray '95, Tom Costin '95, and Alison Quade Spring '95.


Sonya (Behnke) Page '95 is a non-profit fundraising consultant. She knows first-hand the ins-and-outs of starting a business.


Jordan Ross '95 has been receiving great press for his non-profit start-up, Pets Empower, which helps secure pet foster homes for victims of domestic violence. Congratulations, Jordan!


Congratulations to Blake Liggio '95, who was recently honored by Law360 with their Rising Star Award. They write, "Goodwin Procter LLP's Blake Liggio has steered several multibillion-dollar tie-ups in his young career, including guiding real estate investment trust Monogram Residential Trust Inc. in a newly announced $3 billion sale to a Greystar Real Estate Partners-led fund, earning him a spot as one of five mergers and acquisitions attorneys under 40 honored by Law360 as Rising Stars." You make us proud!


Welcome back to Tower in the new role of parent, Alison (Quade) Spring '95. She joins fellow alumni parents Tess Munro Bauta '90, Kate Lockwood Bracken '92, Brendt D'Orio '91, Jessica Lockwood Hyde '95, Emily Sheehan Lopez '88, Greg Lydon '90, Alethea Walton McCormick '89, Angie Munro '91, Timothy Murnane '81, Daphne Paulino Ramos '88, Brad Robie '88, Carrie Berenson Rosenman '90, Danielle Walker '92 and Frank Wetmore '89. 


Sameer Hasan '98 is Director of Fidelity Institutional Asset Management and living in Providence, R.I.


Emile Hasan '98 graduated from Chicago Medical School and is now a senior resident in psychiatry at Dartmouth-Hitchcock in Hanover, N.H.


Jess Seymour '99 and her husband live in Boulder, C.O, where she teaches middle school Spanish. Jess just returned from a trip with her students to Paris and Spain.


Sam Seymour '99 is now Dr. Seymour, having completed his residency in internal medicine. He works at Elliott Hospital in Manchester, N.H. He just finished crafting a new dining table from scratch, using no nails and just glue. When he isn't at the hospital he has found time to travel, most recently to Norway.


Congratulations to Christopher Kelley '99 and his wife on the birth of their son, Christopher.


Whitney McCann '99 is a lawyer for the State of N.J. and lives in Jersey City.


Kate Seymour '01 has been running Country Pet Inn, a pet boarding service, for the past few years in Sheridan, W.Y. She plays on the local ice hockey team and loves hiking, biking, and skiing. She hopes to return to New England at some point soon.


Taryn Higgins '01 is a research assistant at Case Western Reserve University. She is married and has one daughter.


Congratulations to Michael Scalise '02 and his wife who just welcomed their first child, a boy, born in November.


Meredith (Molly) McCann '02 is a high school teacher in Colorado Springs.


Congratulations to Lindsey (Thomson) DiMartino '04 who got married this summer! She lives in Charlestown with her husband, Drew. Lindsey is a marketing associate at Alpha Simplex in Cambridge and has just adopted 'Benji,' a cute little dog.


Congratulations to Katie Van Adzin '04 and her husband on the birth of their son.


Katie Jordan '06 received a B.A. in Theatre from the University of New Hampshire and finished up Summa Cum Laude in the Honors program. After a successful couple of years performing in New England, has recently relocated to Chicago. She credits Tower with nurturing her love of theatre and music. We look forward to hearing what the Windy City has in store for her career as a theater artist and hope to have her back at Tower as a performer.


Eliza Clark '06 graduated from Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs.


Olivia Boggis '07 lives and works in N.Y.C. She graduated from Colgate in 2015 and now works for an e-commerce company. This summer she moved out of her studio on the Upper East Side to move in with two Exeter friends. It's an understatement to say she loves New York!


It was a delight to see Zach Perrella '07 at our young alumni reception last month. Zach graduated from Rensselaer Poly Tech and is a test engineer for Borg-Warner in Ithaca, N.Y.


Gracie Van Adzin '07 lives in Harvard Square and works for

Nate Berenson '08 is embracing the outdoor life in Broomfield, CO where he works in digital advertising at Oracle. He spends lots of time in the Flatirons and Rockies skiing, fly fishing, and hiking—sometimes all in the same weekend! With his fellow grads from UC Boulder in town, he is having a great time.


Oliver Gregory '08 graduated from Georgia Tech in May with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a certificate in Finance. In January he begins work for Silicon Valley Bank in Auburndale, MA.


Katie Rickards '08 is part of the ground crew for Highland Fling, a racing sailboat. She has spent the last year racing in Virgin Gorda, St. Barts, Bermuda, England, and Sardinia. She will be spending the winter in Mallorca as they prepare the boat for races in the Mediterranean in the spring.


Emma Clark '08 is doing Teach for America in Nashville, TN.


Jordyn Whitman '08 graduated from Macalester College this past spring. Jordyn has sights set on rabbinical school. Read more about Jordyn's experience and aspirations in the Jewish Journal.


Pamela Gregory '09 graduated from Northeastern School of Nursing in May. She got her dream job in neonatology at Beth Israel. Pamela lives in Boston.


Whitney Thomson '09 graduated from UVM in May and is working at Hachette Book Group in Boston.


Colleen Gabel '07 is in her second year at UMass Medical School. She graduated from MIT in 2015 with a B.S. in Chemistry.


Eliot Gregory '10, now a towering 6'5", is a senior at Villanova studying computer engineering and business.


Graham Foster '10 is a senior at Babson College. After doing an internship at Eaton Vance in Boston, he is looking for a job in the financial services industry.


Andrew Rickards '10 works for an online subscription start-up in L.A. He lives in Venice Beach, which allows him to take advantage of the great surfing.


Matt Rickards '10 is a senior at Wake Forest University in N.C. He is majoring in finance and business. He has accepted a position in San Francisco, where he'll move after graduation.


Ali McEachern '10 spent several months interning at MullenLowe in the public relations department. She worked for clients such as JetBlue, American Greetings, and Chicco. Her days were spent creating media lists, tracking coverage, and communicating with different influencers and journalists to secure coverage for her clients.


Ben Clark '10 is studying materials science engineering at Georgia Tech.

Caroline Hooper '10 is at UVM pursing a degree in communication sciences and disorders with a minor in Spanish. Last spring she studied abroad in Seville, Spain, which had been a dream of hers. After graduation, she'll attend a master's program in speech therapy.


Jake Varsano '10 will be graduating from Connecticut College this spring. Jake was asked to be the sophomore representative on the President's Strategic Planning Committee. He is a Senior Resource Fellow in the Office of Sustainability, and Head of the Investment Club. He is a Graduate of Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business Bridge Program. He is a member and Treasurer of the Club Hockey team. Jake will be working at Charles River Associates in Boston after graduation. 


Megan Gabel '09 is working for a public relations agency, BigFish, in Boston. She graduated from B.U. in 2017 with a B.A. in English.


Walter Chacon '09 completed a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship at Bowdoin where he published on the topic of diversity in education. He is now at the Nellie Mae Educational Foundation.


Tommy Gabel '11, a junior at B.C. majoring in environmental studies, spent the semester in Brisbane, Australia diving and studying the Great Barrier Reef along with taking field trips into the Outback and Gold Coast of Australia.


Our thanks go out to Lulu Orne '11, a junior at UVM, for visiting Tower to share her passions with our students. Lulu visited Grade 8 to talk with students about her first hand experiences with native tribes, homesteading and the overlap of issues from the 19th and 21st Centuries. LuLu just returned from a semester studying at the Wild Rockies Field Institute.


Sam Varsano '11 is President of the Junior Class at Union College. He plays Varsity Men's Tennis and is Vice President of the Entrepreneur's Club.


Maggie Savage '11 spent the spring semester studying abroad.


A huge thank you goes out to Tucker Beatty '12, who is at UVM, for producing our young alumni video. The video debuted at our Young Alumni Reception last month, attended by Adeline Tower, Helen Runnette, and over 25 alumni from the Classes of 2009-2017.


Emily Garrard '12 is at Boston University studying mechanical engineering.


John Carollo '12 is now at Cornell University.


Drake Blodgett '12 is studying business at the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University and is president of his fraternity.


Amanda Gregory '13 graduated from Marblehead High School in June. She is studying Industrial Engineering at Georgia Tech.


Congratulations to Alexis Sher '13 who was inducted into the Cum Laude Society, the highest academic honor awarded by an independent school, at Millbrook School.


Henry Savage '13 is now at Bowdoin College. He was honored by St. George's at commencement with numerous accolades.


Watch for Alex Foster '13, who is a freshman at Bentley University, driving the launch this summer at the Boston Yacht Club.


Congratulations to Julia Donovan '13 who graduated from Dana Hall in June. She was Class President and recognized with the Best Athlete Award. Julia is now at Babson College.


Kajsa Kirby '13 received the Math Award from Pingree at graduation in June. She is now at the University of Denver in the pre-med program.


Kevin Casey '13 is now at Gettysburg College, where he plays lacrosse. He was recognized at St. John's Prep graduation with the Loyalty and Service Award and the Athletic Director's Award. He was Class Vice President and Varsity Captain of the soccer and lacrosse teams. When starting at St. John's Prep, he chose a ukele over a laptop! He attributes his love of music to Mr. Shepard.


Oliver Jacob '13 is at N.Y.U. and running track. Oliver, captain of the cross-country team, was recognized by Marblehead High School as the most valuable runner in cross country and awarded the M.H.S. Buster Award.


Liza Orne '13 is at UVM. She graduated from Proctor Academy and was recognized with the Community Service Award, Woodlands Stewardship Award, and the Polar Swim Award.


Courtney Berry '13 is at Providence College. She graduated from M.H.S., where she played varsity soccer and spent all four years on the High Honor Roll. She was a recipient of the Anna E. Kelly Scholarship for community service from Star of the Sea Church.


Hutch Myers '13 is taking some time off from Northeastern University to travel in Greece.


Congratulations to Sam Raisides '13 who biked across country this past summer and rowed coxswain in the Head of the Charles. Sam is now at Colorado State University.


Madi Katz '13 just graduated from Andover and is at the University of Toronto. She spent her junior year abroad in Spain.


Congratulations to Brooke Pendleton '13, daughter of Charlie Pendleton '83, who was inducted into the National Arts Honor Society and is the winner of the 2017 Marblehead Festival of Arts logo design contest. Brooke did her senior project as an intern with Tower's technology department this past spring.


Rose Clark '13 is at Boston University. She plans to study biology. Rose graduated with honors from Middlesex School and receive the Community Service Award.


Harry Craig '13 is a Bowdoin College. He was a three sport athlete, two sport captain, and a Salem News two sport All Star.


Nick Pandapas '13 is at San Francisco University. At St. John's Prep he received the Spanish Medal for freshman year.


David Guiliver '13 is majoring in mechanical engineering at Columbia University. He graduated from Boston University Academy last spring.


Grace Beatty '13 spent a week this spring working in Tower's kindergarten classroom as part of her senior project at Pingree. She then brought her cheerful demeanor and meticulous eye for detail to the Development Office working as a summer intern. She is now at Salve Regina College majoring in education. We hope to have another opportunity to see Grace back at Tower.


Congratulations to Colby Shea '14 who has received an offer from Colgate to play on their basketball team.


Will Varsano '14 will be headed to Tulane after graduating from Pingree this spring. At Pingree he is President of the student body and Captain of the Golf, Hockey, and Baseball teams. In addition, Will coached for the Special Olympics soccer team. He continues to perform in contemporary ensemble concerts.


Avery Pendleton '15 is now at Westover School, in Middlebury, C.T.


Congratulations to Morgan '16 and Mason Cheney '17 who each had Top-10 Finishes during Marblehead's Junior Race Week. Morgan and Mason are at St Paul's School.


Reed Cole '16 plays varsity soccer, lacrosse, and races for the alpine team at St. Paul's School.


Will Savage '16 is at Deerfield Academy.


Sarah Newhall '16 went on to Exeter, where she had a wonderful first year filled with new faces and amazing classes. She was privileged to go to Montgomery, A.L., touring the Equal Justice Initiative and learning heart wrenching things about American history. She returned to Tower to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and old friends. To round out her first year, she received the First Place Award for freshman English. She is now in her lower year and in the new All Gender Dorm making wonderful friends and taking interesting classes. She thanks Tower for preparing her for the world and giving her the extraordinary experiences that helped her grow as a human on this crazy planet. She reminds everyone, "mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell."


Lily Rockett '16 just finished over five weeks on the St. George's boat Geronimo in the Bahamas while completing independent studies.


Willa Bradley '17 is in her freshman year at Pingree and embracing all school has to offer. She is loving her classes, especially Contemporary Ensemble, where she plays the ukulele. Willa, along with Anna Souter '17 and Kate Hill '17, played JV soccer. She hopes everyone is doing well and looks forward to a visit to Tower to say 'Hi' to everyone.


Lara Given '17, daughter of Mandy Given '77, is a freshman at Brewster Academy. She made status and has said that Tower completely prepared her for her success so far. She is playing soccer and continuing with Revolution Lacrosse on the weekends.




We are deeply indebted to Jean Behnke, Cindy McCann and the late Georgia Sledge for their help nurturing connections between Tower, former faculty, and parents-of-alumni.


We are grateful for the involvement of our parents-of-alumni outreach volunteers: Leila Blodgett, Jeanie Garrard, Andrea Gregory, Paige Raisides, Julie Savage, and Jill Varsano.


Our thanks goes out to Brian Bixby '66, Greg Lydon '90, Angie Munro '91, and Katie Jordan '06 who have helped us stay connected with hundreds of alumni whose graduating classes span decades.


A special thank you is in order for Tucker Beatty '12, who produced the young alumni video, and Grace Beatty '13, who interned in the Development Office this summer.


We had great fun with the young alumni who participated in the summer focus group: Walter Chacon '09, Eli Cohen '15, Reed Cole '16, Jack Garrard '14, Ali McEachern '10, Madi McEachern '12, David Quill '14, Philip Ricciardelli '16, Will Varsano '14, Grace Beatty '13, Tucker Beatty '12, Sam Cohen '12 and Emily Garrard '12. Your input inspired our highly successful young alumni reception last month.


Save the date of Thursday, April 26, for a reception for former parents, current and former faculty, and alumni age 21 and older.


Our sincerest thanks goes out to these Tower families who celebrated milestone giving anniversaries this year: Cindy and Jim McCann, 30 years; Wendy and Barry Rowland, 30 years; Rob Shapiro '64, 30 years; Mary Louise and Fin Allen '63, 25 years; LuAnn and Tom Gabel, 20 years; Susan and Jim Caccivio, 10 years; Anne Casey, 10 years; Marguerite and William Hatch, 10 years; Harry Philip '05, 10 years; Karen and David Rosenberg 10 years. Books for the Library with custom nameplates have been purchased in honor of their steadfast support. Show your appreciation for Tower by visiting


The next edition of The Beacon will be published in the spring. News to share? Visit Want to get involved in our alumni efforts? Contact Kim Trudel. Thank you!


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