Transitions Can Be Difficult

Transitions Can Be Difficult
Sarah Gold, School Counselor

As adults we are able to recognize the stress or unease that can be present with big life transitions, but for many children, transitions can can create a loss of control feeling. These times can be even more challenging for kids with ADHD, anxiety, autism, or sensory processing issues.

There are some things that can help, however.

  • Presenting kids with a routine and sticking to it, helps ease anxieties and lets a child know what to expect.
  • Posting a family calendar in your home allows kids to see what's coming, on their own.
  • Giving kids a heads-up as daily transitions are approaching, or of upcoming plans to see other people gives them time to ask questions regarding the rules or safety concerns.

The balance to strike with kids is between the reality of what a parent knows to be best, and the child’s need to have a sense of control over their life. When a parent can allow their child to feel empowered over their life, without losing their ability to effectively parent, transitions can be significantly easier. 

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