Tips for Thriving as a New Student in Middle School 

Tips for Thriving as a New Student in Middle School 
Stephanie Curtis, Director of Marketing & Communication

Preparing to enter middle school as one of the new kids can be both exhilarating and nerve-racking. Excitement about access to new opportunities and  meeting new people can alternate with worries about unfamiliar experiences. “Will I make new friends?” or “What will my teachers be like?” are among the most common questions that we hear.

We get it. And after years of meeting new students and watching them navigate middle school with reassuring ease, we’d like to pass along a few confidence-building tips to help you walk through the front door feeling like you’ve got this

  1. Embrace change. Make the most of what your new school environment can offer by trying something new each trimester. Learn to play a new instrument, join the soccer team, or find out how to get involved in clubs or student government. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is a sure way to build confidence and create shared experiences outside of the classroom.

  2. Get to know your teachers and advisors—they are your strongest allies and best resources for academic and personal growth. Be sure to reach out if you need advice for prioritizing your workload, extra help with a homework assignment, or guidance on a project that you would like to pursue.

  3. Be yourself. Your classmates are looking forward to meeting you, so bring your whole self to every conversation, every classroom discussion and every assignment you embark on at Tower. We’ll all be glad to get to know you as a student, athlete, volunteer, artist and friend.

“ I came to Tower in 6th grade. I was extremely nervous because I didn’t know anyone. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to make any friends or that I would be lonely. But it turned out, on the first day—before school had officially started—I had already made 2 or 3 friends. It was just easy. Everyone was kind and I just loved it.”

- Maty, Class of 2022