Finding a “Home Run Book” for Summer Reading

Finding a “Home Run Book” for Summer Reading
Stephanie Curtis, Director of Marketing & Communication

Our summer reading list includes books that were recommended by Tower students and teachers and curated by our librarian, Mrs. Upton. Perhaps the best possible sources for book recommendations! Keep in mind that every child is unique in terms of their reading level and interests, so remember—there are many, many more books to choose from at your local library.

Don’t forget to check out biographies, magazines, non-fiction and poetry, too! Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutsky, and Mary Ann Hoberman are just a few of our favorite poets.

“We hope that everyone finds a “Home Run” book this summer—in other words, any book that your child will remember in the years to come and that keeps them reading!”

–Mrs. Upton, Tower School Librarian


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