Conversations with Children about Race

Conversations with Children about Race
Serena Wilkie Gifford, Head of School

As protests mount across the nation in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, they serve as another stark reminder of human suffering that is the result of the unequal treatment of people in our country. Such adversity is not new but rather a continuation of long-established and disturbing patterns of injustice.

I believe I speak for all Tower faculty when I say that at times like these, my thoughts go to the children. As adults, it is imperative that we not shy away from difficult discussions about race but instead remain open to questions and ideas, especially those coming from children. Reflecting on ourselves and the ways in which racial identity impacts each of our daily lives and life experiences is necessary conversation that serves to educate and empower us all.

Understanding that such conversations can be challenging to have with children in ways that are age-appropriate, I offer these resources:

At Tower, we seek to educate children so that they can thrive within a community rich with diverse perspectives and talents. Thank you for your support as we continue to uplift, support, and strengthen all members of our community.