Choosing Between Independent and Public Education

Stephanie Curtis, Director of Marketing

Many communities offer a variety of educational options, including public, charter, faith-based and independent (private) schools. Knowing how they differ can help when selecting the best match between your child's unique strengths and a school's mission and culture. 

Below are four reasons why an independent school should be on your consideration list.

A Challenging and Well-Rounded Curriculum

Independent schools are known for their emphasis on academic achievement in core subject areas as well as the development of important skills such as: research, collaboration, problem solving and writing. 

In addition, independent schools emphasize a well-rounded education. They offer a range of visual and performing arts, languages, extracurricular clubs, physical education, competitive athletic programs, community service and leadership opportunities that enable children to discover and pursue their passions.

Excellent Teachers, Small Class Sizes

Independent schools attract teachers who are interested in providing a more individualized approach to challenging each student. Independent schools often have a lower student-to-teacher ratio than do public schools, providing the following significant benefits to students:

  • Increased opportunities for student participation—known to increase student engagement and achievement;
  • The abilities of teachers to quickly identify their students' strengths and opportunities for growth;
  • The development of lasting connections between students and teachers


Independent schools create and encourage open communication to ensure that students are challenged academically, homework is being completed and community values are practiced at school. Parents can expect regular communication by email, phone and in-person meetings with teachers and administrators.

An Inclusive School Community

Independent schools foster diverse and vibrant communities that encourage parents to actively engage in the life of the school through volunteer opportunities and social events for parents and families.


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