Athletics Offerings & Policies

Athletics Offerings

Interscholastic Soccer (JV and Varsity), Interscholastic Cross-Country

Interscholastic Basketball (JV, Varsity, 6th grade)

Interscholastic Lacrosse (JV and Varsity), Outdoor Activities

Athletics Policies

  1. Upper School students must submit an athletic plan for the year.
  2. Student participation in all sports seasons is strongly encouraged. All Upper School students must play at least one season each year on an interscholastic competitive team.
  3. Participation in practices and games is critical to individual and team development. Regular attendance at both practices and games is required to meet participation requirements.
  4. Students will be selected for varsity level teams based on ability, effort, and attitude, as well as by students’ physical development and maturity. Preference will generally be given to eighth grade students.
  5. Depending on participation, Tower School may choose to offer a sixth grade team as an alternative to participation at the JV level. While this may happen in any season, most frequently this occurs during basketball.