Tower School’s physical education and athletic curriculums reflect the school’s mission and core values. We teach students the benefits of physical activity and promote good character, sportsmanship, and school spirit.

Young children hone individual skills such as kicking, climbing, throwing, balancing, running. They become aware of their bodies and their capacity for movement. In grade four, students learn team sports with a particular focus on soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. In grade five, students participate in intramural sports.

Upper school students participate in interscholastic sports, and choose between cross-country, soccer, basketball, lacrosse and outdoor activities – an intramural program that emphasizes fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Tower strives to instill leadership skills and an appreciation for the value of teamwork in students of all ages. When competing against one another or other schools, we play hard, but a winning record is neither a goal nor a priority. Effort, fair play, and good sportsmanship are always the most important outcomes.