Adeline Tower Community Scholarship

We honor the work of teachers, first responders and others whose professional expertise strengthens our local communities, expands the worlds of our children and keeps our local towns safe. Tower School recognizes the impact of these professionals with a scholarship of up to 50% of Tower's tuition for their children.

Applicants may also qualify for supplemental tuition assistance to bridge the gap between the scholarship and a family's ability to pay the remaining tuition.

Scholarship Eligibility

  • One or more parents/guardians work in service to their local community (police, fire fighter, EMT, teacher).

  • New students applying for admission to grades Pre-K through grade 8 at Tower School are eligible.

  • Students must demonstrate academic achievement, assessed through admission evaluation, current teacher recommendations, report cards, and ISEE testing (ISEE: for applicants to grades 5-8).

  • Families will complete a standard tuition assistance application and submit a personal statement.

  • Students awarded this annual scholarship must remain in good academic standing each year.


Apply for Admission to Tower School

1. Visit Tower

We welcome you to tour our school, meet our teachers and visit classrooms. Discover why our culture of innovation makes us a nationwide leader in educational technology, how our Singapore Math program prepares students with a solid understanding of mathematics, and how developing character and confidence as elementary and middle school students, prepares children for life.

Contact Reagan Kenwell.

2. Complete an Application and Parent Questionnaire

We recommend submitting a completed application as soon as possible, but preferably by January 15. All additional forms are due by February 1. You may access the online application through our Admission Portal; a $45 application fee applies.

access the online application and questionnaire.

3. Download the Record Release and AISNE Evaluation Forms

Created by the Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE), these standard evaluation forms are used by many Independent Schools. Evaluations are confidential and should be returned directly to the Admissions Office by your child’s teacher(s).

Records Release Form

AISNE Evaluation Forms

4. Schedule A Visit Day and ISEE Testing (ISEE is for applicants to grades 5-8)

Reagan Kenwell, our Admission Director, will work with you to schedule the parent interview, classroom visit (for applicants to grades Pre-Kindergarten-Grade 1), or Full Day Visit (for applicants to Grade 2 and above). Additionally, students applying to Grade 5 and above are required to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE).

  • Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten
    In addition to the cognitive testing process and the school readiness assessment, prospective Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students are invited to visit and participate in classroom activities during the morning on Friday, February 1st. The admission office will confirm your appointment time slot approximately two weeks before the event.
  • Grade 1
    Prospective students applying to Grade 1 will meet with the Admissions Director individually for an assessment screening. They will also visit with the Kindergarten teachers and students, on January 31st, as they are guided through activities that assess readiness for our Grade 1 program. We will work with you to schedule your appointment.
  • Grades 2-8
    Students applying for Grades 2-8 are invited to spend a full day in a Tower School classroom. During this day visit, applicants will interact with current students and teachers at their current grade level. Teachers and/or the Director of Admission will also administer assessments in Reading, Math, and Writing to determine readiness for the next grade level. Students will meet with the appropriate Division Head for a conversation, and students applying to Grades 6-8 will also participate in a Student Interview. Full Day visits are scheduled in November, January and February.
  • Grades 5-8
    In addition to the above visit day, applicants to Grades 5-8 are required to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). This exam is offered at Tower School and at a number of other locations. Please register below. To ensure that Tower receives your child’s scores, you will need to enter Tower’s school code, 222644, when registering. Please note that the deadline to register is three weeks prior to the testing date.

    ISEE Registration




Apply for the Adeline Tower Community Scholarship. 

1. Complete the Tuition Assistance Application

The online tuition assistance application is available through the National Association of Independent Schools' School and Student Service.

Tower School's Code for SSS is 7696.

Apply online.

2. Submit a Personal Statement

Tower emphasizes the importance of community and instills a sense of belonging for students and families. The expression, known and needed, describes the impact that each of us makes on our school; the individual perspectives of our students, parents and teachers are valuable contributions to our community and to student achievement.

In addition to creating a sense of belonging within our school, we honor families whose work strengthens our local communities. Please briefly describe your professional contributions to your town and why that work is so valuable to you.

(200-400 words)

Submit your response.



Admission and Scholarship Decisions

Applicants who have submitted applications by February 1 will be notified of the admission decision on March 10.

The majority of available seats are filled during the traditional admission calendar, however, we welcome inquiries and applications throughout the year.

Fifth Grade Model Boat Building

Our Mission

We teach our students to think critically and creatively, to develop joyful curiosity, to embrace challenge and apply their knowledge with confidence, and to thrive within a community rich with diverse perspectives and talents.

Our ambition for our students—to prepare them for the dynamic challenges of the future while embracing the joy of childhood—is at the heart of our school's mission.

Learn more about Tower's mission.


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