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Adeline Tower Community Scholarship

We honor the work of teachers, first responders and others whose professional expertise strengthens our local communities, expands the worlds of our children and keeps our local towns safe. Tower School recognizes the impact of these professionals with a scholarship of up to 50% of Tower's tuition for their children.

Applicants may also qualify for supplemental tuition assistance to bridge the gap between the scholarship and a family's ability to pay the remaining tuition.

Scholarship Eligibility

  • One or more parents/guardians work in service to their local community (police, fire fighter, EMT, teacher).

  • New students applying for admission to grades Pre-K through grade 8 at Tower School are eligible.

  • Students must demonstrate academic achievement, assessed through admission evaluation, current teacher recommendations, report cards, and ISEE testing (ISEE: for applicants to grades 5-8).

  • Families will complete a standard tuition assistance application and submit a personal statement.

  • Students awarded this annual scholarship must remain in good academic standing each year.

Apply for Admission to Tower School

Apply for the Adeline Tower Community Scholarship. 

Admission and Scholarship Decisions

Applicants who have submitted applications by February 1 will be notified of the admission decision on March 10.

The majority of available seats are filled during the traditional admission calendar, however, we welcome and encourage inquiries and applications throughout the year.

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