New to Marblehead?

We're proud to be part of our historic seaside town. If you're relocating to the Boston area, be sure to visit Marblehead.

Our Top 5 Reasons to Relocate to Marblehead

5. Marblehead is 18 miles north of Boston, with easy access to a commuter train, water shuttle, and buses.

4. Youth sports organizations include: soccer, hockey, lacrosse, flag football, football, baseball and sailing (to name a few).

3. Marblehead is a bustling small town filled with restaurants, galleries, yacht clubs, conservation land and trails, public beaches, playgrounds, shops, music, community theater and a movie theater.

2. Marblehead families are proud of our town. We keep it clean, we treat each other nicely, and we embrace our town's history.

1. Marblehead is home to Tower School. Here, we encourage intellectual curiosity, provide opportunities for creative expression, and teach students to become responsible, innovative thinkers and contributors. (Click the Tower School buttons below to discover why Tower ranks #1 on our Top 5.)


So Many Reasons to Visit the Town We Call Home.

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Marblehead in the News.

Vogue Magazine: New England's Best-Kept Seaside Secret

by Monica Mendal, 2017
photo by Eyal Oren

Vogue's photo credit: Eyal Oren

Many New England folk look to Nantucket, Cape Cod, and Martha’s Vineyard for their summer weekend escapes—and with good reason. But there’s a new destination to consider if you’re on the hunt for a getaway that’s every bit as charming with a fraction of the fuss and crowds: Marblehead is a quaint seaside town just 30 minutes north of Boston that has yet to be discovered. It’s not only an idyllic beach getaway, but with its laid-back New England vibe and a history dating all the way back to the American Revolution, there’s plenty to keep you busy...

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The Boston Globe logo

A Heads-Up: In Marblehead, Some Things Never Change (and hooray for that.)

by Diane Bair and Pamela Wright, 2019

When you’ve moved away from a place, coming home again feels strange. You mentally prepare yourself for things to be different, old haunts vanished, nail salons and Himalayan salt spas replacing the old Blockbusters and Radio Shack.

Then there’s Marblehead. No, you haven’t just stepped out of a DeLorean with Marty McFly: The Landing, The Barnacle, the Driftwood, Maddie’s Sail Loft, Me and Thee Coffee House, and Stowaway Sweets are still humming along — our favorite haunts back when MC Hammer (those pants!) ruled the airwaves. Even Shubie’s and MHOP (Marblehead House of Pizza), where they made the best Italian sub long before we felt guilty about noshing deli meats and carbs, are still going strong, although Shubie’s has morphed from a tiny grocery store into a foodie mecca that offers wine tastings.

Nobody seems to think this is strange. Apparently, things don’t change much in this fetching North Shore town, 17 miles north of Boston...

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Yankee Magazine Logo

Yankee Magazine: Could You Live Here? Marblehead MA

A Seasonal Getaway to this Seaside Town Offers History and the Holidays All Wrapped Up Together

by Annie Graves, 2018
photo by Eyal Oren

Town Hall

Candles flicker behind wavy glass, and colorful houses—like candy sprinkles—grow mellow in the dusk. Street lamps turn on, minus only their Dickensian lamplighters. Greenery decks the halls of seafarers’ homes, and shoppers crowd the sidewalks, occasionally ducking into Haley’s Wines and Market Café to sample a bit of wine; eyeing thick Barbour jackets at F.L. Woods; checking out the giant giraffe at Mud Puddle Toys. A few blocks beyond the section known as Old Town, restaurant stovetops are fired up and diners settle in. Warm on warm...

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New England Today Travel

New England Today: Daytrip to Marblehead

by Alyson Horrocks, 2018

Perched on a rocky peninsula that stretches out into the Atlantic, the seaside town of Marblehead features some of the most striking views and stunning scenery that northern Massachusetts has to offer. Due to its unique location, Marblehead’s coast became an irresistible draw to industrious colonists in 1629, who made quick work of turning it into a thriving fishing village.

As a commercial center, Marblehead enjoyed rapid growth in its early years, becoming one of the biggest towns in the colonies in the days before the Revolutionary War. Homes of merchants, mariners, sailmakers, and ...

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