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Marblehead Massachusetts in Summer

Our Top 5 Reasons to Relocate to Marblehead

#5. Marblehead is 18 miles north of Boston. Get to work easily via water shuttle, commuter train, car and bus.

#4. Youth sports organizations make it fun for everyone. Join a team; try soccer, hockey, lacrosse, flag football, football, baseball, dance and sailing, to name a few.

#3. Marblehead is a bustling small town. Our historic town is filled with restaurants, galleries, conservation land and trails, public beaches, yacht clubs, playgrounds, shops, music, community theater and a movie theater.

#2. Marblehead families are proud of our town. We keep it clean, we treat each other nicely, and we embrace our town's history.

#1. Marblehead is home to Tower School. Here, we encourage intellectual curiosity, provide opportunities for creative expression, and teach students to become responsible, innovative thinkers and contributors. 

Journalists Love Marblehead, Too.

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Marblehead Massachusetts in Winter

Marblehead in winter

Entrance of Tower School

Tower's Campus in the fall

Tower School has been amazing. Our children are happy, balanced and love to learn. We have made wonderful life-long friends through the Tower community, as have our children.

Survey comment made anonymously by current Tower parents