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Meet Our Students

Interscholastic Athletics: Girls Soccer

What is it like to be a Tower student? Hear from our students!

1st Grade

This first-grader discusses student life at Tower, including what he looks forward to each day, and his experience with challenging school work. Timmy also announces his plans for the future.

Something that is really hard is math—but I really like math. It's my favorite thing to do in school.

7th Grade

This seventh-grader shares her experience joining Tower in middle school, opens up about courage and shares a few things that she's looking forward to in her 8th grade year at Tower. 

Recitation Day will take a lot of courage because we will be speaking in front of the whole school which will be a little nerve racking, but I'm very excited.

8th Grade

This student describes himself as ambitious; he makes the most of the opportunities that Tower affords him to excel as a leader, to pursue his passion—and to use those skills to forge a path to his career.

My favorite afterschool activity at Tower was playing soccer. I loved this because I felt like a leader and I helped people when they needed it.

Ask Us about the Following!

Facts: Pre-k–8 Spanish language instruction
Facts: 1 greenhouse classroom for all students
Facts: 4 school bus stops: Lynn, Nahant, Salem, Swampscott
Facts: All in! tiger mascot: 100% enthusiasm, all day
Facts: Turf athletic field is made of 100% recyclable and compostable materials
Facts: 2–3 art classes per week for all students
Facts: 6:1 students to teacher ratio
Facts: 2-3 music classes per week, per student
Facts: Tower faculty have an average of 21 years of experience, 2023
Facts: Tower had a 95% retention rate in 2023
“We have benefited so much over a short period of time from Tower.  [Our son] is excelling, and is just so happy. Coming out of the teacher conferences, I am just so thankful and want to celebrate/endorse Tower’s excellent teachers, programs, and vision in any way we can.”  

Jon Robinson, Tower parent